Babcock Davis Bar Abrasive Renovation Stair Treads with Long Nosing

BD-stairtreads-stillBabcock Davis Renovation Stair Treads with Long Nosing are the largest stair treads in the industry with available widths of 5″, 9″, and 11″. Babcock Davis Renovation Stair Treads with Long Nosing are designed for installation on all types of stairs making them a perfect, on size fits all choice for remodeling projects or to replace damaged stair treads. Babcock Davis Renovation Stair Treads with Long Nosing are only available with drilled holes for screw mount installation. Babcock Davis Renovation Stair Treads with Long Nosing offer the same upgrades as Babcock Davis’ traditional stair treads such as photoluminescent (glow in the dark) treads, vision line treads, and a choice of colors for abrasive tread inserts.

Babcock Davis Renovation Stair Treads with Long Nosing make for quick and easy replacement or new installation of stair treads on existing stairs; but, what if the remodel for your commercial space requires making entrances and exits ADA compliant. This would require the construction of new ramps for wheelchair access. In those cases, the addition of Babcock Davis Bar Abrasive Stair Treads without Nosing would provide traction for wheelchairs and for disabled or infirm individuals using the ramp for easier walking. Babcock Davis Bar Abrasive Stair Treads without Nosing are available with drilled holes like the Babcock Davis Renovation Stair Treads with Long Nosing; but, installation in wet concrete with the extruded anchor will provide a flush, more secure installation.

Babcock Davis ScrapesGrate® Roll-Up Mats and Rigid Grates

BabcockDavisG275Babcock Davis ScrapesGrate® Roll-Up Mats and Rigid Grates combine the scraping action of serrated tread rails with the maximum water and dirt removal of premium textile treads. Entrance flooring systems are intended to minimize dirt and moisture that is tracked through a facility on the soles of visitors’ shoes. Dirt and mud on floors and carpets is unsightly; but, wet surfaces can also cause injury. The serrated tread rails of the Babcock Davis ScrapesGrate® Roll-Up Mats and Rigid Grates aggressively scrape debris from the soles of shoes leaving floors and carpets free of heavy soiling. Babcock Davis ScrapesGrate® Roll-Up Mats are ideal for renovation applications where a deep recess to accommodate a rigid grate is not available. The Babcock Davis ScrapesGrate® Roll-Up Mats can also be easily rolled up to clean trapped dirt from its level bed frame. Babcock Davis ScrapesGrate® Rigid Grates are ideal for new construction projects or heavy duty applications such as airports and shopping malls.
Babcock Davis ScrapesGrate® Roll-Up Mats and Rigid Grates perform best when coupled with Babcock Davis UltraSorb® Premium Carpet or Babcock Davis Rugged Scrub® Carpet. For applications where maximum moisture absorption is necessary, we recommend the Babcock Davis UltraSorb® Premium Carpet. This is a particularly useful choice in facilities where the majority of flooring is tile or wood which can become dangerously slippery when wet. Where dirt removal is most important, we recommend the Babcock Davis Rugged Scrub® Carpet for dirt and debris removal. This is ideal for facilities where the majority of flooring is carpet that can become heavily soiled and require more frequent cleaning if dirt that is tracked into the facility is not minimized. Babcock Davis ScrapesGrate® Roll-Up Mats and Rigid Grates are fabricated of durable, moisture resistant aluminum and can be installed for exterior or interior use. For optimum usage, we recommend a Babcock Davis ScrapesGrate® Roll-Up Mat or Rigid Grate installed both in front of entrance doors as well as in the entry way to ensure as much moisture and dirt can be removed from shoes as possible.

Solid Phonelic Toilet Partitions, Bathroom Dividers, & Shower Stalls


Solid Phenolic is a durable, heavy-duty, moisture resistant material that is commonly specified for shower rooms and high traffic restrooms. The most common question we receive about Solid Phenolic material is, “What the heck is it”? Solid Phenolic material is comprised of many layers of plastic laminate sheets that are glued together under high pressure and high temperature. Think of the laminate countertops that you see in kitchens from the 70’s and 80’s. When those thin layers of laminate are bonded to each other under high pressure, it creates an extremely durable and water resistant material that is a top choice for shower rooms and restroom toilet partitions in high traffic restrooms. Because of the high quality of the phenolic sheets and the pressure they are subjected to, Solid Phenolic material will not delaminate like its cousin Plastic Laminate. We’ll discuss Plastic Laminate material in depth in a future blog and why it should not even be considered for a shower room or other high moisture area.
The second most common question about Solid Phenolic material is, “How long will it last”? FOREVER! Maybe that’s overselling the Solid Phenolic material; but, it is virtually indestructible—some might say bulletproof. Even the most destructive force on Earth—a room full of two year olds—couldn’t damage Solid Phenolic material. Manufacturers are so confident in the durability of Solid Phenolic material that a warranty of 25 years is standard within the industry. Aside from its durability, Solid Phenolic material is available in more colors and designs than any other toilet partition material hands down. Solid Phenolic material color options span the entirety of available color palettes of Formica, Wilson Art, and Nevamar. The Solid Phenolic material is a considerable premium to standard Baked Enamel Steel Restroom Toilet Partitions; but, the money you will save in the long run is well worth it.

Hewi Nylon Bathroom Accessories, Grab Bars, Hooks, Door Hardware

We carry Hewi nylon bathroom accessories, cabinet hardware, and door accessories for both residential and commercial applications where nylon hardware is preferred to traditional metal hardware on account of harsh sunlight and corrosive, humid air conditions. Hewi barrier free nylon grab bars, shower seats, and bathroom accessories make a bold design statement while their nonporous finish prevents rust or germ build-up in both public and private restrooms. To view more of our commercial bathroom hardware options, please visit our public restroom toilet stall partitions and bathroom accessories page for ADA bathroom and shower design solutions.

Another great advantage to using Hewi nylon hardware in your bathroom and on doors and cabinets throughout your house, in addition to being resistant to extreme heat and oppressive humidity, is the opportunity to add a splash of bright color to your abode. Hewi nylon is available in a variety of basic primary colors as well as some neutral grays and light blue and yellow pastels, making it a great way to upgrade drab hardware in a bath, den, nursery, bedroom, or child’s playroom. If you’re also in the market for traditional door hardware options, please visit our residential security and heavy duty commercial locks and door hardware page for a slew of designer door accessory choices from leading manufacturers such as Baldwin, Emtek, Deltana, and Schlage.

ECA Drifter Power and Charging Station

The Drifter is a versatile desktop power source and USB charging station that can sit unattached on a table or be secured to the desktop using the included mounting hardware. The Drifter is ideal for lounges, conference rooms, and waiting rooms where individuals look to charge cell phones, laptops, tablets, and other electrical devices.

ECA Cove Series Power Data Outlets


The Cove series of power data outlets from Electri-Cable Assemblies are sleek, simple designs that put power receptacles and USB ports within arm’s reach, whether you’re seated at your desk workstation or near a support column or piece of furniture in a general meeting space. Gone are the days of crawling under your desk or around corners to find power outlets or network cables with the easy, convenient Cove power data grommet installed right in your desktop.