Woodlore Cedar Closet Accessories

EpicShoeTree.1Woodlore Cedar Closet Accessories are an essential component to clothes and coat closets. Cedar Closet Accessories impart an appealing aroma to the closet and the clothes that are stored within; but, cedar is not only useful for its pleasing scent. Did you know that the aroma of cedar in your closet will repel moths, roaches, silverfish, and mildew? And they smell infinitely better and are safer than mothballs. Woodlore Cedar Closet Accessories come in many forms to accommodate various types and sizes of closets.

Cedar Closet Hangers: Woodlore Cedar Closet Hangers are made in varied shapes and sizes to accommodate men’s shirts, women’s blouses, men’s pants, women’s skirts, heavy overcoats, and spring jackets. The Cedar Closet Hangers will perfume your closet and your clothes and repel nasty bugs that can harm your wardrobe.
Cedar Shoe Trees: If you’ve sunk a small—or large—fortune into your shoe collection, you’ll want to take care of them with Woodlore Cedar Shoe Trees. They will maintain the shape of your shoes and repel odor causing bacteria that can make your shoes and your closet smell awful.
Cedar Tie and Belt Racks: Woodlore Cedar Closet Tie and Belt Racks will easily mount to the doors or walls of your closet offering easy access and organizations for ties, belts, scarves, or any other accessory you would like to hang in your closet.
Cedar Storage Boxes: Woodlore Cedar Closet Storage Boxes provide neat, convenient storage for your folded clothing items such as delicate shirts or sweaters, socks, and ties. The boxes will also scent your clothes with the gentle fragrance of cedar and repel bugs that would harm your clothing.
Cedar Spray and Hanging Sachets: If you want the benefits of the cedar aroma in your closet without being overwhelmed by the scent, cedar sprays and hanging cedar sachets will scent your closet and clothes ever so lightly and still effectively repel pests.

Woodlore Cedar Closet Accessories offer protection for your clothes and for your nose with its pleasant cedar aroma. The myriad cedar closet accessories available to organize and scent your closet makes Woodlore the preferred option for high end walk-in closets to small coat closets.

Hafele Adjustable Closet Rod Wardrobe Lifts

WardrobeLiftOf all the closet organization and storage accessories available, none is as helpful and easy to use as the pull down adjustable wardrobe clothes lift. Simply put, closet wardrobe lifts double your available clothes hanging capacity by adding a second closet rod above your existing closet rod, utilizing the space between your current rod and the ceiling. Having this second horizontal row of clothing so close to the ceiling often puts it out of the comfortable reach of many users, which is where the Hafele adjustable pivoting wardrobe lift comes in handy. The lift pivots on either side wall or panel of your closet and with one pull on the hanging closet pole, your upper row of hanging clothes is right at arm’s length.

Hafele wardrobe lifts are available in three adjustable widths and two lifting strengths, so that there is a suitable wardrobe lift for almost any closet remodeling project. The unit is simple to install using two pivot assemblies, one mounting to either side of the closet, connected by the new pull down closet rod. After installation you merely pull down to hang or remove clothing, and push back into place when finished with the upper closet rod. Here are some quick specs on the available units to help make sure you find the closet lift hardware that will work best for you:

• Overall pivot height is 33-1/16”
• Standard unit offers 26lbs capacity; Heavy duty unit offers 33lbs capacity
• 22mm diameter closet rod with adjustable width feature
• Black plastic screw-mounted pivot assemblies
• Chrome-plated steel side arms, closet rod, and pull down pole

The most common layout for designing a closet with an adjustable wardrobe lift is switching from an L shape clothes hanging area to a single-wall upper and lower hanging closet rod area, thus freeing up one entire wall for built-in shelves or cabinets. So what do you do with all that new closet storage space? Installing a Hafele adjustable clothes lift provides room to add-on to your current closet and possibly install other closet storage and organization hardware. This relatively small and inexpensive change could mean the difference between having room to properly store shoes, socks, and sweaters (and if you’re ambitious, maybe even installing convenient sliding hanging laundry hampers) and those items remaining piled up in a corner or shoved into cramped dresser drawers. The possibilities are endless and adjustable wardrobe lifts are just the start to your closet organization transformation project!

CPU Holders: Capable Clutter Clearing Companions

CPU HolderCPU HOLDERS ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND! Yes, I used all caps. I am very passionate about the importance of CPU holders. To be honest, I am a recent convert to the CPU holder camp. Like most of you I just parked my CPU on the floor under my desk and left it to collect dust. No harm, no foul. Until there was harm. Severe harm. Oh, God was there harm. Here’s the Cliff’s Notes version of the story.

• I spun around in my chair.

• My CPU went BOOM!

• My life was miserable for the rest of the year. (OK, it was only a week.)

That’s the whole, sordid story. Ever since my CPU was repaired and returned to my open arms it has never left the CPU holder that I installed. Now, barring a severe earthquake on the East Coast or the Incredible Hulk destroying my office, I have no fear of physical harm befalling my CPU.

It’s been pretty interesting having this CPU holder. I really never thought I needed it until the fatal incident occurred; but, it has been more helpful than I thought. I don’t have to crawl under my desk anymore to access the ports in the back of my CPU. I can just spin it in place and the ports and my neatly organized cables are within an arm’s length. I am incredibly lazy, so this was fantastic for me. If Google comes out with a mind control attachment for my CPU holder, I’ll be totally set. With my CPU off the floor, our cleaning crew can clean under my desk now too. Should that have prevented them before? I don’t think so. Will they clean under there now? Probably not, but the fact that they can is comforting. Hmmm…maybe we should look in to a new cleaning service. Well, anyway, back to my CPU holder. An unexpected benefit is that it can move with me now when I raise my height adjustable desk. If I need to put a disk in the CD-ROM drive or a flash drive in the USB port, I don’t have to stoop down and aggravate my back problems. This CPU holder is the best thing since Cinnabon. Scratch that. Nothing is as good as Cinnabon. Those giant cinnamon rolls with gooey icing and…CPU Holders are great. I’m going to Cinnabon.

Isle: Multi User Power and USB Charging Station

Isle2x800Introducing the Isle Series collaborative power system, the newest addition to the power/data grommet lineup from Electri-Cable Assemblies and their first completely free standing unit. The Isle modular charging station provides easy access to power outlets and USB ports, making it a great addition to any general-use area where visitors and customers gather and have a need or desire to use electronic devices. Here is a quick run-down of the options and what the Isle has to offer:

• Nine power receptacles and six powered USB
• Offered in three fashionable finishes: Glossy White, Glossy Black, and Silver Pearl
• Three shelves for storage or resting items that are charging on the unit
• Ideal solution for lounges, waiting rooms, hospitality or reception areas
• Perfect for charging phones, cameras, tablets, and laptops
• Comes standard with 108″ long power cord with molded plug
• ETL Listed; measures 25-1/2″ tall x 18″ wide

We expect the Isle by ECA will quickly become one of the more popular options from our power and data station product line. The simple, sturdy design makes it perfect for high traffic areas and we simply cannot overstate the convenience of having such easy access to power and USB charging hubs. When confronted with downtime, whether we’re waiting for an appointment or sitting somewhere to grab a bite to eat, we all turn to our phone or tablet for email, news, and entertainment. Being able to charge our device(s) during this time is a huge luxury, as well as a great asset to the company who offers the amenity.