Hafele Adjustable Closet Rod Wardrobe Lifts

WardrobeLiftOf all the closet organization and storage accessories available, none is as helpful and easy to use as the pull down adjustable wardrobe clothes lift. Simply put, closet wardrobe lifts double your available clothes hanging capacity by adding a second closet rod above your existing closet rod, utilizing the space between your current rod and the ceiling. Having this second horizontal row of clothing so close to the ceiling often puts it out of the comfortable reach of many users, which is where the Hafele adjustable pivoting wardrobe lift comes in handy. The lift pivots on either side wall or panel of your closet and with one pull on the hanging closet pole, your upper row of hanging clothes is right at arm’s length.

Hafele wardrobe lifts are available in three adjustable widths and two lifting strengths, so that there is a suitable wardrobe lift for almost any closet remodeling project. The unit is simple to install using two pivot assemblies, one mounting to either side of the closet, connected by the new pull down closet rod. After installation you merely pull down to hang or remove clothing, and push back into place when finished with the upper closet rod. Here are some quick specs on the available units to help make sure you find the closet lift hardware that will work best for you:

• Overall pivot height is 33-1/16”
• Standard unit offers 26lbs capacity; Heavy duty unit offers 33lbs capacity
• 22mm diameter closet rod with adjustable width feature
• Black plastic screw-mounted pivot assemblies
• Chrome-plated steel side arms, closet rod, and pull down pole

The most common layout for designing a closet with an adjustable wardrobe lift is switching from an L shape clothes hanging area to a single-wall upper and lower hanging closet rod area, thus freeing up one entire wall for built-in shelves or cabinets. So what do you do with all that new closet storage space? Installing a Hafele adjustable clothes lift provides room to add-on to your current closet and possibly install other closet storage and organization hardware. This relatively small and inexpensive change could mean the difference between having room to properly store shoes, socks, and sweaters (and if you’re ambitious, maybe even installing convenient sliding hanging laundry hampers) and those items remaining piled up in a corner or shoved into cramped dresser drawers. The possibilities are endless and adjustable wardrobe lifts are just the start to your closet organization transformation project!

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