Woodlore Cedar Closet Accessories

EpicShoeTree.1Woodlore Cedar Closet Accessories are an essential component to clothes and coat closets. Cedar Closet Accessories impart an appealing aroma to the closet and the clothes that are stored within; but, cedar is not only useful for its pleasing scent. Did you know that the aroma of cedar in your closet will repel moths, roaches, silverfish, and mildew? And they smell infinitely better and are safer than mothballs. Woodlore Cedar Closet Accessories come in many forms to accommodate various types and sizes of closets.

Cedar Closet Hangers: Woodlore Cedar Closet Hangers are made in varied shapes and sizes to accommodate men’s shirts, women’s blouses, men’s pants, women’s skirts, heavy overcoats, and spring jackets. The Cedar Closet Hangers will perfume your closet and your clothes and repel nasty bugs that can harm your wardrobe.
Cedar Shoe Trees: If you’ve sunk a small—or large—fortune into your shoe collection, you’ll want to take care of them with Woodlore Cedar Shoe Trees. They will maintain the shape of your shoes and repel odor causing bacteria that can make your shoes and your closet smell awful.
Cedar Tie and Belt Racks: Woodlore Cedar Closet Tie and Belt Racks will easily mount to the doors or walls of your closet offering easy access and organizations for ties, belts, scarves, or any other accessory you would like to hang in your closet.
Cedar Storage Boxes: Woodlore Cedar Closet Storage Boxes provide neat, convenient storage for your folded clothing items such as delicate shirts or sweaters, socks, and ties. The boxes will also scent your clothes with the gentle fragrance of cedar and repel bugs that would harm your clothing.
Cedar Spray and Hanging Sachets: If you want the benefits of the cedar aroma in your closet without being overwhelmed by the scent, cedar sprays and hanging cedar sachets will scent your closet and clothes ever so lightly and still effectively repel pests.

Woodlore Cedar Closet Accessories offer protection for your clothes and for your nose with its pleasant cedar aroma. The myriad cedar closet accessories available to organize and scent your closet makes Woodlore the preferred option for high end walk-in closets to small coat closets.

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