Built-In Ironing Boards for Closets

IroningBoardA.1A Built-In Ironing Board for your walk-in closet is a convenience that will save you time and trips to the hospital from falling over your standing ironing board. You laugh, but the number one reason for visits to America’s emergency rooms was a fall due to transporting or falling over a standing ironing board. That’s a blatant lie, but it sounds good. It makes me feel better for all the times I tripped over my ironing board. Now a built-in ironing board in your closet is gold. Where are your clothes? In the closet (or dresser drawer which doesn’t count right now). Where should your ironing board be stored? In the closet (or laundry room which also doesn’t count right now). Eureka! With a built-in ironing board in your closet, you don’t have to worry about where to store your ironing board, lugging it out to iron your clothes, or having a fatal accident because of the ironing board. I’m very bitter about my numerous falls so this theme will come up again I assure you. A built-in ironing board in your closet is convenient because it is close at hand when you need to iron your clothes for work, a formal engagement, a night on the town, or a return visit to the doctor because you fell over your standing ironing board last week. I told you it would come up again.

Built-In Ironing Boards can come in three forms: drawer mounted, shelf mounted, or wall mounted. Some of you may be old enough to remember ironing boards installed in a kitchen drawer. Well, they can still be installed in a drawer, but now you’ll want to install it in your walk-in closet. Who irons in the kitchen anymore? Apologies to those who still iron their clothes in their kitchen. Shelf mounted built-in ironing boards are similar to drawer mounted built-in ironing boards with the exception that you will use an open shelf in your walk-in closet to install the built-in ironing board. You could also install the built-in ironing board in a small cabinet so the closed door will conceal the ironing board. No one would ever know it’s there. The last option is the wall mounted ironing board. This type also used to be installed on the wall or in a cabinet in the kitchen. Now you can have it in your walk-in closet tucked away until you need it (not causing injuries like your old standing ironing board). Save a life and do me a favor; ditch the standing ironing board and switch to a built-in ironing board. Your unbroken bones will thank you.

Laundry Hampers: It’s Not Your Floor Anymore

PullOutHamperLaundry Hampers installed in your closet provide a compact storage solution for dirty clothes until laundry day. If you use a freestanding laundry hamper; or worse, the floor of your bedroom, consider installing a closet laundry hamper to free up space. If you’re already in the market for a closet remodel, including a closet laundry hamper will only add a modest amount to your cost for the added convenience of a closet laundry hamper. Two popular options for closet laundry hampers are the pull out type and the tilt out type. For example, the Synergy Pull Out Hamper is a closet laundry hamper that installs between two upright panels in your closet or within a cabinet compartment. With this type of laundry hamper, you can pull the closet laundry hamper out of the compartment to put your dirty clothes in the hamper or to retrieve them for washing. The added benefit for the Synergy Pull Out Hamper is that the bags in the closet laundry hamper that hold your clothes can be completely removed and taken to your laundry room for more convenient clothes washing. Tilt out closet laundry hampers will install on the back of a cabinet door or panel and will utilize a wire basket instead of a bag. Tilt out closet laundry hampers will require the use of flap stays in order to allow the cabinet door to remain in a tilted position and not fall to the floor.

Closet laundry hampers are not restricted to homeowners with spacious walk in closets. Apartment living does have its restrictions like limiting changes that can be made to the residence and an expensive custom closet construction in an apartment that you do not own is less than ideal. However, you can still install a closet laundry hamper. Hanging Wire Laundry Hampers that are used for tilt out cabinets can also be installed on a wall or door with an optional mounting bracket. Only a few screws will be needed to install the bracket and when you move, just a small amount of spackling paste will fill the holes. If you want to avoid screws holes completely, Command Hooks are a great alternative.

Closet Lighting: The Simplest Way to Improve Your Closet


Installing closet lighting in your clothes closet is the best way to give your closet a fresh look and improve visibility. Let’s face it, most of us don’t have grand boutique style walk in closets with chandeliers and a wall of windows that provide perfect light to see your vast collection of clothes displayed before you. Frankly, I get dressed in the dark. I have no idea what I have on until I get to my car. For you fancy people that actually like your clothes to match when you leave home, closet lighting would be a major benefit. And you’re not limited to the tacky push light closet lighting. The push light is an interesting concept, but they’re ugly as hell. And that’s one more thing you have to put batteries in. Inevitably you’ll go to push the light and nothing will happen. This will be your new routine until you remember to get batteries which, if you’re like me, will be a month or more later. Why not install closet lighting that you can turn on with the flip of a switch? Now if it doesn’t come on because you didn’t pay the electric bill, I can’t help you.

Closet lighting comes in several different forms. The most interesting being LED closet lighting strips. These closet lighting strips can be installed along your clothes rail providing ample light for your clothes and creates an interesting lighting effect in your closet. And the LED lights use very little energy which will help your electric bill. The more traditional puck type closet lighting is also a good choice and comes available with either LED bulbs or traditional halogen bulbs for those who don’t like to save energy or the pure, brilliant light of LED. I’m not biased or anything; just making a comment. The puck lights can also be recessed into your ceiling or wall, or surface mounted just like your old, crappy push light; again, no bias here. So do yourself a favor and come out of the darkness and ditch those push lights. You’ll be happy you did.

How to Use Closet Coat Hooks to De-Clutter Your Home

Hooks842.34.010x800Closet Coat Hooks are a nifty and efficient way to clear away the clutter in your home by serving dual functions of holding coats and other non-clothing items. This is preferable to tying up your family members until they learn to put their belongings away; but, torture may be a little overboard for organizing your home. You could relegate your family to one quarter of the house that you can barricade and not see their clutter. That’s a problem because you’ll lose valuable square footage. Looks like closet coat hooks will be your best bet. The great thing about closet coat hooks is that they can be mounted anywhere. You can install a few in your coat closet in the foyer or in your bedroom clothes closets. Hanging several closet coat hooks in the mudroom where your kids can hang their backpacks and school coats for easy access will keep their school belongings organized, off the living room floor, and will save all of you time when leaving for school in the morning. Any parent with school aged kids knows how quickly your schedule can be thrown off when your kids can’t find their backpacks or homework. So you could say closet coat hooks will save you time too and reduce instances of road rage. That’s a stretch; but, we’ll roll with it.

The de-cluttering and organizational uses of closet coat hooks can even extend to your child’s bedroom. You can mount closet coat hooks at their height level for them to hang their stuffed animals, toys, and pajamas for easy access and to keep their room neat and organized. Closet coat hooks would also be useful in your master bedroom closet for organizing purses, scarves, belts, hats, and jewelry. The closet coat hooks can also add an intriguing architectural element to your home or function as a conversation piece. A closet coat hook that looks like a shark fin would definitely get me asking questions. Now if it actually was a shark fin, I’d have to report you to PETA while I pry it off the wall to take home. I have the perfect place for it.