How to Use Closet Coat Hooks to De-Clutter Your Home

Hooks842.34.010x800Closet Coat Hooks are a nifty and efficient way to clear away the clutter in your home by serving dual functions of holding coats and other non-clothing items. This is preferable to tying up your family members until they learn to put their belongings away; but, torture may be a little overboard for organizing your home. You could relegate your family to one quarter of the house that you can barricade and not see their clutter. That’s a problem because you’ll lose valuable square footage. Looks like closet coat hooks will be your best bet. The great thing about closet coat hooks is that they can be mounted anywhere. You can install a few in your coat closet in the foyer or in your bedroom clothes closets. Hanging several closet coat hooks in the mudroom where your kids can hang their backpacks and school coats for easy access will keep their school belongings organized, off the living room floor, and will save all of you time when leaving for school in the morning. Any parent with school aged kids knows how quickly your schedule can be thrown off when your kids can’t find their backpacks or homework. So you could say closet coat hooks will save you time too and reduce instances of road rage. That’s a stretch; but, we’ll roll with it.

The de-cluttering and organizational uses of closet coat hooks can even extend to your child’s bedroom. You can mount closet coat hooks at their height level for them to hang their stuffed animals, toys, and pajamas for easy access and to keep their room neat and organized. Closet coat hooks would also be useful in your master bedroom closet for organizing purses, scarves, belts, hats, and jewelry. The closet coat hooks can also add an intriguing architectural element to your home or function as a conversation piece. A closet coat hook that looks like a shark fin would definitely get me asking questions. Now if it actually was a shark fin, I’d have to report you to PETA while I pry it off the wall to take home. I have the perfect place for it.

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