Closet Lighting: The Simplest Way to Improve Your Closet


Installing closet lighting in your clothes closet is the best way to give your closet a fresh look and improve visibility. Let’s face it, most of us don’t have grand boutique style walk in closets with chandeliers and a wall of windows that provide perfect light to see your vast collection of clothes displayed before you. Frankly, I get dressed in the dark. I have no idea what I have on until I get to my car. For you fancy people that actually like your clothes to match when you leave home, closet lighting would be a major benefit. And you’re not limited to the tacky push light closet lighting. The push light is an interesting concept, but they’re ugly as hell. And that’s one more thing you have to put batteries in. Inevitably you’ll go to push the light and nothing will happen. This will be your new routine until you remember to get batteries which, if you’re like me, will be a month or more later. Why not install closet lighting that you can turn on with the flip of a switch? Now if it doesn’t come on because you didn’t pay the electric bill, I can’t help you.

Closet lighting comes in several different forms. The most interesting being LED closet lighting strips. These closet lighting strips can be installed along your clothes rail providing ample light for your clothes and creates an interesting lighting effect in your closet. And the LED lights use very little energy which will help your electric bill. The more traditional puck type closet lighting is also a good choice and comes available with either LED bulbs or traditional halogen bulbs for those who don’t like to save energy or the pure, brilliant light of LED. I’m not biased or anything; just making a comment. The puck lights can also be recessed into your ceiling or wall, or surface mounted just like your old, crappy push light; again, no bias here. So do yourself a favor and come out of the darkness and ditch those push lights. You’ll be happy you did.

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