Laundry Hampers: It’s Not Your Floor Anymore

PullOutHamperLaundry Hampers installed in your closet provide a compact storage solution for dirty clothes until laundry day. If you use a freestanding laundry hamper; or worse, the floor of your bedroom, consider installing a closet laundry hamper to free up space. If you’re already in the market for a closet remodel, including a closet laundry hamper will only add a modest amount to your cost for the added convenience of a closet laundry hamper. Two popular options for closet laundry hampers are the pull out type and the tilt out type. For example, the Synergy Pull Out Hamper is a closet laundry hamper that installs between two upright panels in your closet or within a cabinet compartment. With this type of laundry hamper, you can pull the closet laundry hamper out of the compartment to put your dirty clothes in the hamper or to retrieve them for washing. The added benefit for the Synergy Pull Out Hamper is that the bags in the closet laundry hamper that hold your clothes can be completely removed and taken to your laundry room for more convenient clothes washing. Tilt out closet laundry hampers will install on the back of a cabinet door or panel and will utilize a wire basket instead of a bag. Tilt out closet laundry hampers will require the use of flap stays in order to allow the cabinet door to remain in a tilted position and not fall to the floor.

Closet laundry hampers are not restricted to homeowners with spacious walk in closets. Apartment living does have its restrictions like limiting changes that can be made to the residence and an expensive custom closet construction in an apartment that you do not own is less than ideal. However, you can still install a closet laundry hamper. Hanging Wire Laundry Hampers that are used for tilt out cabinets can also be installed on a wall or door with an optional mounting bracket. Only a few screws will be needed to install the bracket and when you move, just a small amount of spackling paste will fill the holes. If you want to avoid screws holes completely, Command Hooks are a great alternative.

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