Built-In Ironing Boards for Closets

IroningBoardA.1A Built-In Ironing Board for your walk-in closet is a convenience that will save you time and trips to the hospital from falling over your standing ironing board. You laugh, but the number one reason for visits to America’s emergency rooms was a fall due to transporting or falling over a standing ironing board. That’s a blatant lie, but it sounds good. It makes me feel better for all the times I tripped over my ironing board. Now a built-in ironing board in your closet is gold. Where are your clothes? In the closet (or dresser drawer which doesn’t count right now). Where should your ironing board be stored? In the closet (or laundry room which also doesn’t count right now). Eureka! With a built-in ironing board in your closet, you don’t have to worry about where to store your ironing board, lugging it out to iron your clothes, or having a fatal accident because of the ironing board. I’m very bitter about my numerous falls so this theme will come up again I assure you. A built-in ironing board in your closet is convenient because it is close at hand when you need to iron your clothes for work, a formal engagement, a night on the town, or a return visit to the doctor because you fell over your standing ironing board last week. I told you it would come up again.

Built-In Ironing Boards can come in three forms: drawer mounted, shelf mounted, or wall mounted. Some of you may be old enough to remember ironing boards installed in a kitchen drawer. Well, they can still be installed in a drawer, but now you’ll want to install it in your walk-in closet. Who irons in the kitchen anymore? Apologies to those who still iron their clothes in their kitchen. Shelf mounted built-in ironing boards are similar to drawer mounted built-in ironing boards with the exception that you will use an open shelf in your walk-in closet to install the built-in ironing board. You could also install the built-in ironing board in a small cabinet so the closed door will conceal the ironing board. No one would ever know it’s there. The last option is the wall mounted ironing board. This type also used to be installed on the wall or in a cabinet in the kitchen. Now you can have it in your walk-in closet tucked away until you need it (not causing injuries like your old standing ironing board). Save a life and do me a favor; ditch the standing ironing board and switch to a built-in ironing board. Your unbroken bones will thank you.

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