The Drifter Power Station: Ample Power in a Small Package

ECA_Drifterx800The Drifter Power Station is a compact power station that distributes power through traditional outlets and USB connectors. Have you ever been somewhere on your phone, laptop, or portable music player and watched as your battery slowly died; but, the nearest outlet was on a wall all the way across the room? And of course, there will inevitably be a crowd of people surrounding the outlets charging their devices as well. Let’s not even discuss the lack of USB charging. I’m sure just reading this makes you anxious about having to do without your electronic device. I feel your pain. With the Drifter Power Station, a dearth of power outlets will no longer be an issue. The Drifter has 3 traditional tamper resistant power outlets (not the weird European kind so don’t transport these to France) and 6 USB 3.0 charging outlets that are powered by a single 108” power cord. You could literally monopolize one entire side of the Drifter to charge your laptop, cell phone, and iPod and there would still be 2 traditional power outlets and 4 USB charging outlets for others to use. I said for others to use so don’t be a power hog and take up the entire Drifter unit charging the gadgets you brought from home.

Along with the convenience of a compact size and light weight for this desktop power outlet, the Drifter also has two mounting options. The Drifter can stand freely on a table top or desktop with its integral feet where it is easily movable from one location to another or it can be fixed in place with the included mounting bracket. If the Drifter will not be plugged in continuously, the power cord can be wrapped around the integral feet of the Drifter and locked in place with the magnetic catch. The Drifter is manufactured of durable metal which can endure the most demanding conditions (save for the zombie apocalypse) making this little bâtard a great addition in hotels, hospitals, lounges, and coffee shops—I’m looking at you Starbucks.

IDEA Rail Table Leg System

DoubleRailThe IDEA Rail Table Leg System provides configurable table top support for residential or commercial use. With irregular or oversized table tops, the only options available used to be using more straight legs that make the table look awkward or divide your tables into sections that could be moved around on rolling legs. With the IDEA Rail Table Leg System, awkward table supports are a thing of the past. The IDEA Rail Table Leg System uses either a single rail design or double rail design to support table tops. Because the system is modular, you select only the components you need for your particular configuration. Here are the components that you will choose for your custom IDEA Rail Table Leg System:

Connectors: IDEA Rail Table Leg System connectors come in a 90º Y Connector, 45º Y Connector, or a T Connector for attaching the table legs to the rails and for connecting rails to each other in larger configurations.

Rails: IDEA Rail Table Leg System rails come in sizes from 10-7/16” – 76-7/16” to accommodate a vast array of table configurations. Single rail systems are recommended for 24”, 30”, and 36” wide tables. Double rail systems are recommended for 36”, 42”, and 48” wide tables.

Table Legs: IDEA Rail Table Leg System Table Legs are specifically designed for the IDEA Rail Table System and are supplied in three different designs with casters as an option for each type of leg.

Top Attachment Pads: IDEA Rail Table Leg System Top Attachment Pads provide a surface for your table top to be adhered to on the IDEA Rail Table Leg System. The Top Attachment Pads should be installed every 16”.

Top Stabilizer: IDEA Rail Table Leg System Top Stabilizers provide additional stability for table tops and are recommended for installation approximately every 30” on the primary rail(s).

Countersunk Wood Screw: These screws are used to affix the table top to the IDEA Rail Table System through Top Attachment Pads, Connectors, and Table Legs.
Additional accessories such as modesty panels can be attached to IDEA Rail Table Leg System legs to provide privacy for users as well as concealing cables beneath the table top.

How to Choose A Power/Data Station

InterfaceIITTBrushedAluminumOpenHow to choose a power/data station is much simpler than it appears at first glance, but you must be prepared beforehand to streamline the process. When some people are tasked with choosing a power/data station for their organization, their fear is palpable; especially when they have little to no experience with electrical products. Choosing a power/data station is a lot easier than it appears when you work one step at a time. It’s really not unlike buying a sofa for your home. You’re not expected to know about sofa construction or have experience building sofas. If that were the case, many of us would be sitting on our floors at home. You look at different models, take measurements, choose a fabric, and choose a color that will fit best in your home. Let’s translate that to how to choose a power/data station.

The very first thing you should determine is how many power outlets you need in the power/data station. Power/data stations come with either 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, or 12 power outlets. Narrowing down how many power outlets you will need in a power/data station will often limit your options sufficiently making your choice even easier. After you have determined the number of power outlets, you need to figure out if you need data connectors in the power/data station, what connectors are needed, and the quantity. RJ-11 telephone connectors, RJ-45 ethernet connectors, HDMI connectors, HD VGA connectors, USB connectors, and everything in between are available to choose from. Some units are restricted in how many connectors and what connectors they can hold. This will further narrow your options and ease choosing a power/data station.

Now you’ve chosen the number of power outlets and the data connectors that you want in the power/data station. If this has not sufficiently winnowed your list of options, let’s move on to how you would like the power/data station to be installed. Power/data stations are available as pop-up units, surface mounted units that screw to the surface or underside of your table top, undermount units that are accessed through an open hole in the table top, box units that install in a cut out in your table top with a lid to conceal your cables, or troughs that also install in a cut out in your table top but utilize recessed doors that stay open for access to your power outlets and connectors. We save the fun part for last and that’s the finish. You can choose a power/data station in black, silver pearl, brushed aluminum, or brushed stainless steel depending on the aesthetic you’re going for in your conference room or office.

This is just one way of choosing your power/data station. For some, the finish may be the most important option while others couldn’t care less about power outlets, but want to make sure they can get the data connectors they need. The main focus is to take your power/data station shopping one step at a time. You don’t have to be an electrician to choose a power/data station. Remember the process can be as easy (or as hard) as you make it; so make the process easy people.

Omni Track Storage Closet Organizer

OmniTrackCraftBenchKit800The Omni Track System will organize your storage closet making all your bits and bobs, knickknacks, gimcrackery, and trumpery easily accessible for use (or just out of the way never to be used again). Often we will have the best of intentions for keeping our storage closets neat and tidy. You begin my neatly placing your knitting supplies on a shelf in the closet. Then your tools are stacked neatly in tool boxes on the floor in the closet. Before you know it, you’re throwing hammers and screwdrivers into the closet and hoping against hope that when you open the door a mountain of your belongings doesn’t fall on you leaving you wishing you ordered a Life Alert. The Omni Track System will solve the storage closet clutter problem and prevent it from occurring again. With ample storage baskets, shelves, and hooks, there’s no need to ever have a cluttered storage closet again.

The Omni Track System is a modular storage and organization system that can be ordered piecemeal for a custom installation in your storage closet or they can be ordered in kits that will provide the components you need for the type of storage closet you are organizing. Omni Track System kits are available for Lawn/Garden Storage Closets, Sports and Athletics Storage Closets, Work Bench Storage Closets, and Craft Bench Storage Closets. The Omni Track System can even be used for larger areas such as entire craft and scrapbooking rooms that would make Martha Stewart proud, large tool sheds, or pop-up hardware stores. It’s not often that you see a pop-up hardware store; but, if you have one or are looking to build one, the Omni Track System will be a great addition for organizing and displaying merchandise.