The Drifter Power Station: Ample Power in a Small Package

ECA_Drifterx800The Drifter Power Station is a compact power station that distributes power through traditional outlets and USB connectors. Have you ever been somewhere on your phone, laptop, or portable music player and watched as your battery slowly died; but, the nearest outlet was on a wall all the way across the room? And of course, there will inevitably be a crowd of people surrounding the outlets charging their devices as well. Let’s not even discuss the lack of USB charging. I’m sure just reading this makes you anxious about having to do without your electronic device. I feel your pain. With the Drifter Power Station, a dearth of power outlets will no longer be an issue. The Drifter has 3 traditional tamper resistant power outlets (not the weird European kind so don’t transport these to France) and 6 USB 3.0 charging outlets that are powered by a single 108” power cord. You could literally monopolize one entire side of the Drifter to charge your laptop, cell phone, and iPod and there would still be 2 traditional power outlets and 4 USB charging outlets for others to use. I said for others to use so don’t be a power hog and take up the entire Drifter unit charging the gadgets you brought from home.

Along with the convenience of a compact size and light weight for this desktop power outlet, the Drifter also has two mounting options. The Drifter can stand freely on a table top or desktop with its integral feet where it is easily movable from one location to another or it can be fixed in place with the included mounting bracket. If the Drifter will not be plugged in continuously, the power cord can be wrapped around the integral feet of the Drifter and locked in place with the magnetic catch. The Drifter is manufactured of durable metal which can endure the most demanding conditions (save for the zombie apocalypse) making this little bâtard a great addition in hotels, hospitals, lounges, and coffee shops—I’m looking at you Starbucks.

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