NOVA Solutions Ergonomic Desks: A Cure for that Pain in the Neck

nova_flatpanel_classroomNOVA Solutions downward gaze ergonomic desks are an innovative furniture design that alleviates next strain from computer monitor viewing. You know that pain in the neck that inevitably gets on your nerves while you’re working? You’re intently focused on completing your assignment when that pain in the neck creeps up on you slowly before walloping you hard halfway through the work day. Sadly it’s not an annoying coworker that you could throttle violently for distracting you from your task (f.y.i. we do not advocate assault of your coworkers). That pain in the neck is a literal pain in the neck. We office workers sitting at desks and workstations for 8 hours on end suffer from myriad aches and pains with neck pain being one of the most annoying. All the neck stretches I’ve done have probably taken up a good 30 minutes of my day. Don’t judge me; that stretching is well earned. Anyway, NOVA Solutions created a solution to that neck pain. The NOVA Solutions downward gaze ergonomic desk allows for your computer monitor to be mounted underneath your desk with a viewport installed in the desktop for viewing the monitor. This downward viewing angle of NOVA Solutions Ergonomic Desks actually alleviates the strain placed on your neck when viewing your monitor. Can you imagine actually getting through an entire work day without neck pain?

If you are married to the desk that you already have or just don’t want to spend the money on a completely new desk, the NOVA Solutions Retrofit Kit provides the same downward gaze technology as Nova Solutions ergonomic desks with the added benefit that it can be installed on your existing desk. Installation is very simple (not including getting a contractor or woodworker to cut a hole in your desktop). If you’re handy at woodwork, then feel free to cut the viewport in your desk yourself. That will save you money and time. NOVA Solutions Retrofit Kits are available for flat panel monitors up to 20” wide and for CRT monitors up to 20” wide and 23” deep. A CRT monitor is the big dinosaur that looks like a small old fashioned television. Frankly, if you still have one of these I’d say ditch it and get a flat panel monitor. Despite my opinion, NOVA Solutions has you covered if you still have and want to keep your CRT monitor and benefit from an ergonomic downward gaze positioning. Now that you’ve dipped your tow in the shallow end of the ergonomic pool with a NOVA Solutions Ergonomic Desk or Retrofit Kit, you can benefit from maximum ergonomic comfort by outfitting your entire work area with ergonomic accessories. Your fingers, wrists, arms, shoulders, neck, back, hips, coccyx, and knees will thank you. Yes, I included coccyx. Those of you with uncomfortable chairs feel my pain.

Humanscale Ergonomic Chairs

LibertychairHumanscale Ergonomic Freedom Chairs provide comfort and support while keeping your spine aligned and reducing fatigue on your joints. Ergonomic is the latest buzzword in the office furniture game; but, beyond being a buzzword, ergonomics of office accessories and furniture is important for your joint, spine, and muscle health. Anyone working a desk job can tell you the plethora of aches and pains they have throughout the day. An achy wrist from typing on the keyboard, a sore neck from looking at your monitor, a sore back from sitting in your office chair, etc., etc. ad nauseum. Ergonomics strives to alleviate all those aches and pains with simple changes in your desk set up such as keyboards with wrist rests, adjustable height monitors to alleviate strain on your neck, and keyboard trays that can adjust to your height and comfort level. While Humanscale is a leader in ergonomic office accessory design, their Ergonomic Freedom Chairs work miracles for back and shoulder pain.

Humanscale Ergonomic Freedom Chairs work in a unique way that is not common in run of the mill office chairs. Humanscale Ergonomic Freedom Chairs provide weight sensitive recline. When you recline in a Humanscale Ergonomic Freedom Chair, the chair will support you in any position without the use of a ratchet system. No longer do you have to fiddle with an overabundance of knobs and pulleys to set your chair to a comfortable setting. In addition to weight sensitive recline, Humanscale Ergonomic Freedom Chairs synchronously adjust the armrests for maximum comfort and to maintain your spinal alignment. Humanscale Ergonomic Freedom Chairs are available with a headrest (for the big boss) and in without the head rest. Humanscale’s Ergonomic Chair division is further expanded with non rolling Humanscale Liberty Side Chairs for a waiting room or conference room, Humanscale Liberty Task Chair with tri-panel Form-Sensing Mesh seat back, and Humanscale Freedom Saddle Chairs when a stool for short term seating is desired just to name a few. Humanscale’s Ergonomic Freedom, Liberty, and Cinto Chairs should be used with ergonomic office accessories for maximum ergonomic benefit.

How to Store and Organize Ties and Scarves in your Closet

ScarfRackTie and scarf organization in a home wardrobe or walk-in closet can be achieved with easy to install tie racks and scarf racks or with tie hangers. It’s no secret that a dresser drawer, storage bin, or the floor will inevitably become the storage location for your ties and scarves. Hanging them on a standard nylon clothes hanger or cedar clothes hanger will at some point result in their falling to the floor to be stepped on when you’re getting dressed and left for days when you feel lazy and don’t want to pick them up. With your ties and scarves tucked away in a drawer, you’ll have to dig around to find your favorite accessory or will always grab whatever is lying on the top of the pile leaving the rest of your collection to languish. Why not display your assortment of ties and scarves and make them easily accessible with a tie rack or scarf rack? Tie Racks and Scarf Racks can be screwed to an interior wall of your wardrobe or walk-in closet and can slide out for easy access. Tie Racks and Scarf Racks securely hold your neck accessories in place without worrying about them falling to the floor.

If you have a small closet where a wall mounted Tie Rack is not a feasible option, you can also take advantage of a Tie Hanger. Tie Hangers are similar to cedar clothes hangers with the exception that there are pegs mounted to a triangular piece of cedar wood. This will allow you to hang the Tie Hanger on your closet rod and still have your ties readily accessible. Although it is called a Tie Hanger, it would also be beneficial for hanging scarves or even jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets. The cedar wood used for the Tie Hanger doubles as a pest repellent for your clothes while also imparting a pleasing scent to your closet and your accessories.

Power Grommets for the Chic and Modern

Villa800xPower Grommets are normally for commercial use; but, there are attractive, less industrial designs that appeal to users wanting a smart installation for their home or office. When some people think of power grommets, they think of a beige, plastic faceplate with power receptacles. Even worse are power receptacles set in unfinished metal. Talk about industrial. Nowadays, we want our devices to have form and function, not pure utilitarian functionality. The iPhone is a fantastic phone and a wonder of technology, but do you think anyone would buy it if it looked like a DynaTAC. Google DynaTAC and you’ll see what I’m talking about. One of the simplest ways to improve the look of a power grommet is with an attractive finish. The simple addition of powder coated black or silver pearl finishes make even the most mundane power grommet look interesting. Brushed Stainless Steel or Brushed Aluminum finishes give high end panache to steel and aluminum power grommets. I’m going full tilt with the $5 words in this blog post. This is about style of course. “Chic” and “panache” are obligatory terms in a style blog. That was another $5 word; but, I digress.

If changing the finish is a little too simplistic for what you want in your application, then go for a unique design. How about a power grommet with an undulating wave design? Such a design aesthetic in a power grommet is reminiscent of the ultra modern architectural design of Frank Gehry. If you’ve never heard of him, look him up; you’ll see the similarity between his designs for the Walt Disney Concert Hall and Guggenheim Museum in Spain and the undulating wave design. If the wave doesn’t do it for you, how about a V shaped table trough with pivot doors? Maybe a freestanding triangular power grommet is more to your liking? The options for design and finish of power grommets are far from limited. Don’t think you’re stuck in a box with only tacky or flat out ugly power grommets to choose from. Let your personal style dictate the end product you want to install in your home or office. After all, if you don’t like it you’ll be miserable looking at it every day.

Conference Table Power Data Grommets

oasis_miniConference Table Power Data Grommets provide ample power and data connections for several users around a conference table. Visualize this with me. You’re in a meeting with the executives of your company and several of your co-workers in the grand conference room of your office. We’re talking really grand. Twelve foot wood conference table with Humanscale chairs and views of Central Park grand. Maybe you’re in Kansas City, but for this visual you’re in New York. Anyway, everyone saddles up around the conference table and plugs in their laptops into the two little power data grommets that have been installed. Unfortunately, you don’t get to plug in your laptop and your battery is already running on fumes. Ten minutes into the presentation, your laptop conchs out. You can’t take notes, you can’t view the PowerPoint presentation that everyone is watching, and the video conference with the Beijing branch has gone bye bye. It’s just your luck that you’re sitting between the two people you can’t stand in your office and they have no intention of letting you watch the presentation on their laptops. It all goes downhill when you’re manager asks YOU to explain a chart that is in the PowerPoint presentation. The one you can’t see. Because your laptop is dead. Because the conference table only has two little power data grommets that could serve a maximum of six people and there are twenty in your meeting. And the moral of this story is to properly outfit your conference table. Not exactly an Aesop fable, but you get the point.

Conference tables by nature are large. Some are considerably larger than others; but, whether you have a six foot conference table or a thirty foot conference table, always bear in mind how many people will be seated at the conference table when selecting power data grommets. Overkill is not a bad thing when it comes to providing necessary power and data connections for conference participants. A 30” power data grommet with twelve power receptacles and a host of data connections may seem large at first. When you actually consider that your conference room has a twenty foot conference table that can seat twenty-four people, that power data grommet that originally looked too large you now realize is the perfect size and that you’ll need a second one. Conference table power data grommets can accommodate medium to oversized conference tables and myriad customizations are available to perfect them for your particular installation. So don’t get caught without access to a power data grommet again. Go big or go home. Not too big though. I’m sure your work desk doesn’t need a twelve power receptacle power data grommet. If you can requisition one, kudos to you. That’s overkill to the nth degree.