Conference Table Power Data Grommets

oasis_miniConference Table Power Data Grommets provide ample power and data connections for several users around a conference table. Visualize this with me. You’re in a meeting with the executives of your company and several of your co-workers in the grand conference room of your office. We’re talking really grand. Twelve foot wood conference table with Humanscale chairs and views of Central Park grand. Maybe you’re in Kansas City, but for this visual you’re in New York. Anyway, everyone saddles up around the conference table and plugs in their laptops into the two little power data grommets that have been installed. Unfortunately, you don’t get to plug in your laptop and your battery is already running on fumes. Ten minutes into the presentation, your laptop conchs out. You can’t take notes, you can’t view the PowerPoint presentation that everyone is watching, and the video conference with the Beijing branch has gone bye bye. It’s just your luck that you’re sitting between the two people you can’t stand in your office and they have no intention of letting you watch the presentation on their laptops. It all goes downhill when you’re manager asks YOU to explain a chart that is in the PowerPoint presentation. The one you can’t see. Because your laptop is dead. Because the conference table only has two little power data grommets that could serve a maximum of six people and there are twenty in your meeting. And the moral of this story is to properly outfit your conference table. Not exactly an Aesop fable, but you get the point.

Conference tables by nature are large. Some are considerably larger than others; but, whether you have a six foot conference table or a thirty foot conference table, always bear in mind how many people will be seated at the conference table when selecting power data grommets. Overkill is not a bad thing when it comes to providing necessary power and data connections for conference participants. A 30” power data grommet with twelve power receptacles and a host of data connections may seem large at first. When you actually consider that your conference room has a twenty foot conference table that can seat twenty-four people, that power data grommet that originally looked too large you now realize is the perfect size and that you’ll need a second one. Conference table power data grommets can accommodate medium to oversized conference tables and myriad customizations are available to perfect them for your particular installation. So don’t get caught without access to a power data grommet again. Go big or go home. Not too big though. I’m sure your work desk doesn’t need a twelve power receptacle power data grommet. If you can requisition one, kudos to you. That’s overkill to the nth degree.

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