How to Store and Organize Ties and Scarves in your Closet

ScarfRackTie and scarf organization in a home wardrobe or walk-in closet can be achieved with easy to install tie racks and scarf racks or with tie hangers. It’s no secret that a dresser drawer, storage bin, or the floor will inevitably become the storage location for your ties and scarves. Hanging them on a standard nylon clothes hanger or cedar clothes hanger will at some point result in their falling to the floor to be stepped on when you’re getting dressed and left for days when you feel lazy and don’t want to pick them up. With your ties and scarves tucked away in a drawer, you’ll have to dig around to find your favorite accessory or will always grab whatever is lying on the top of the pile leaving the rest of your collection to languish. Why not display your assortment of ties and scarves and make them easily accessible with a tie rack or scarf rack? Tie Racks and Scarf Racks can be screwed to an interior wall of your wardrobe or walk-in closet and can slide out for easy access. Tie Racks and Scarf Racks securely hold your neck accessories in place without worrying about them falling to the floor.

If you have a small closet where a wall mounted Tie Rack is not a feasible option, you can also take advantage of a Tie Hanger. Tie Hangers are similar to cedar clothes hangers with the exception that there are pegs mounted to a triangular piece of cedar wood. This will allow you to hang the Tie Hanger on your closet rod and still have your ties readily accessible. Although it is called a Tie Hanger, it would also be beneficial for hanging scarves or even jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets. The cedar wood used for the Tie Hanger doubles as a pest repellent for your clothes while also imparting a pleasing scent to your closet and your accessories.

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