NOVA Solutions Ergonomic Desks: A Cure for that Pain in the Neck

nova_flatpanel_classroomNOVA Solutions downward gaze ergonomic desks are an innovative furniture design that alleviates next strain from computer monitor viewing. You know that pain in the neck that inevitably gets on your nerves while you’re working? You’re intently focused on completing your assignment when that pain in the neck creeps up on you slowly before walloping you hard halfway through the work day. Sadly it’s not an annoying coworker that you could throttle violently for distracting you from your task (f.y.i. we do not advocate assault of your coworkers). That pain in the neck is a literal pain in the neck. We office workers sitting at desks and workstations for 8 hours on end suffer from myriad aches and pains with neck pain being one of the most annoying. All the neck stretches I’ve done have probably taken up a good 30 minutes of my day. Don’t judge me; that stretching is well earned. Anyway, NOVA Solutions created a solution to that neck pain. The NOVA Solutions downward gaze ergonomic desk allows for your computer monitor to be mounted underneath your desk with a viewport installed in the desktop for viewing the monitor. This downward viewing angle of NOVA Solutions Ergonomic Desks actually alleviates the strain placed on your neck when viewing your monitor. Can you imagine actually getting through an entire work day without neck pain?

If you are married to the desk that you already have or just don’t want to spend the money on a completely new desk, the NOVA Solutions Retrofit Kit provides the same downward gaze technology as Nova Solutions ergonomic desks with the added benefit that it can be installed on your existing desk. Installation is very simple (not including getting a contractor or woodworker to cut a hole in your desktop). If you’re handy at woodwork, then feel free to cut the viewport in your desk yourself. That will save you money and time. NOVA Solutions Retrofit Kits are available for flat panel monitors up to 20” wide and for CRT monitors up to 20” wide and 23” deep. A CRT monitor is the big dinosaur that looks like a small old fashioned television. Frankly, if you still have one of these I’d say ditch it and get a flat panel monitor. Despite my opinion, NOVA Solutions has you covered if you still have and want to keep your CRT monitor and benefit from an ergonomic downward gaze positioning. Now that you’ve dipped your tow in the shallow end of the ergonomic pool with a NOVA Solutions Ergonomic Desk or Retrofit Kit, you can benefit from maximum ergonomic comfort by outfitting your entire work area with ergonomic accessories. Your fingers, wrists, arms, shoulders, neck, back, hips, coccyx, and knees will thank you. Yes, I included coccyx. Those of you with uncomfortable chairs feel my pain.

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