ECA Cove Power and Data Solutions in Airports and Hotels

ECA Cove Power and Data Solutions The ECA Cove Power and Data Boxes are compact, unobtrusive solutions for providing power and data in commercial and residential spaces. The unique design of the ECA Cove Power and Data Boxes make them particularly well suited for installation in airports and hotels. Airports and hotels worldwide cater to millions of visitors each year; and, in the 21st century, nearly all of the travelers are tethered to an electronic device of some kind—iPad, iPod, mobile phone, laptop, etc. The ECA Cove Power and Data Boxes solve the problem of providing sufficient power and data in these heavily trafficked spaces in four important ways:

Increases the number of available power outlets

Although airports are vast, cavernous monstrosities where space is not necessarily a commodity, the positioning of power outlets can be problematic. The ECA Cove Power and Data Boxes can be installed almost anywhere you can imagine. Convert antiquated pay phone enclosures into convenient charging stations, install the Cove into waiting area furniture, or mount them on the wall in lieu of traditional wall outlets.

Provides traditional receptacles or USB ports for charging

The ECA Cove Power and Data Boxes do not limit power charging options to traditional receptacles. Active USB connectors can charge passengers mobile devices while they wait for their plane. Travelers may leave traditional receptacle adapters in their luggage and keep only their USB cable in their pocket or carry on when needed to charge or transfer data to their mobile device. Providing an assortment of charging options to passengers is not only good customer service, it keeps your facility technology forward in a rapidly changing technological environment.

Provides numerous data connection options

ECA Cove Power and Data Boxes do more than just charge mobile devices and power laptops. ECA Cove Power and Data Boxes can also provide an assortment of data connectors. Airports wanting to provide a high end amenity to travelers could include RJ-45 connectors to provide a super fast, wired internet connection. Hotels can include RJ-11 phone connectors and RJ-45 data connectors in the ECA Cove Power and Data Boxes which will utilize space wisely in the room and reduce the number of superfluous electrical outlets and phone jacks in the room. You could even add an HDMI connector allowing guests to play movies and games on their hotel room television.

Saves you money with a high quality product
The ECA Cove Power and Data Boxes may look expensive; but, they won’t break the bank. An airport or hotel could outfit the entire facility on a modest budget and install high quality, attractive power and data solutions for travelers, guests, and staff. The money saved can be funneled toward gorgeous, durable Humanscale Ergonomic Seating for offices, waiting areas, cafes, and restaurants.

Essential Man Cave Accessories

CBMAC100_1Man Cave…simultaneously one of the most overused terms of the 21st century (right up there with “misspoke” and “like”) and a top requested new home feature. What exactly is a man cave? It is different things to different guys—some don’t even know what they want their own man cave to be. More often than not, the man cave becomes a billiard room while others see it as home to the mother of all entertainment systems. Almost any man cave is going to be heavy on media and technology. Let’s layout some essential man cave accessories that will form the foundation of your dream room:

Turntables and Swivel Plates
Your man cave is almost certainly going to have a TV. Whether it’s the grand poobah of TV’s or the black and white one from your youth, it’s absolutely essential that you not miss a single touchdown or homerun no matter what section of your man cave you occupy. Turntables and Swivel Plates will allow you to rotate that TV so that it’s viewable from all areas of your man cave. The turntables and swivel plates aren’t just for the TV though. Set your speakers on a turntable to optimize sound positioning for your media center. You can even build a lazy susan for your coffee table and optimize snack distribution.

Media Access Center
What’s the worst part of hooking up peripherals to your TV? Hooking up peripherals to your TV! You have to stretch and contort to get everything connected to your TV. And what happens if you upgrade your sound system or replace your old DVD player with a Blu-Ray player? The hunt begins to find the cable that goes from the DVD player to the TV through the twisted nest of cords and dust. Making a media access center a priority in your man cave will neatly organize your peripherals and save you the frustration of fussing with mangled, knotted cords and dust.

Motorized TV Lift
It’s a motorized TV lift. Need I say more? Actually, I will say a little bit more. The motorized TV lift conveniently stores up to a 50″ flat screen TV in a cabinet safe from dust and would be destroyers of your TV when it’s not in use. The motorized lift is remote control operated and frees additional surface area when the TV is not in use.

So there are a few of the man cave essentials that you will need to fully enjoy your new man cave. Now, the TV, pool table, and arcade games to buy you’ll have to figure out on your own.