Daisy Chain Desktop Power Data Grommets for Training Tables

Daisy-Chain-Desktop-Power-Data-GrommetsConvenient access to power and data outlets for individual users is an essential part of any training table or workstation desk design, and bringing those connections to the desktop can be an even bigger challenge for training rooms with open floor plans meant to accommodate modular furniture options. DaisyLink desktop power data grommets from ECA provide easy access to power outlets and data connections via multi-circuit hardwire power cables that connect one table to another, thus supplying electrical power to portions of the room that traditional wall or floor outlets might not reach.

How do DaisyLink desk outlets supply power sources to all my tables?

ECA DaisyLink power data stations begin with a “starter” unit that plugs into your existing wall or floor power outlet. The starter unit may be permanently hardwired into the outlet by an experienced electrician, or you can use the quick-disconnect plate that, also after installation by an electrician, allows you to connect and disconnect the unit at your leisure. Once your starter unit is installed, you then begin linking to your “secondary” units via heavy duty interconnecting cables that run between the grommets to power up the next workstation.

How does the DaisyLink power data station help me?

The patented DaisyLink system encourages mobility and adaptability in multi-purpose, multi-use training facilities and event spaces. Tables and desks may be powered up and powered down in a matter of minutes by simply unplugging the interconnecting cables, allowing a room to be set up or cleared out without any additional labor costs. The DaisyLink system by ECA also circumvents the need for extra floor outlets throughout the room, a traditional solution to power distribution problems that are both unsightly and expensive to have installed.

What other data/telecom connections should I include?

When tasked with designing furniture for modern, interactive training facilities, it is important to consider how individuals will stay connected to laptops, phones, and tablets that will help them engage in their lesson or project. Consider which types of network data connections are required for your particular application and make certain that each individual has access to one or more of these data ports. Common network connection requirements include HDMI, VGA, and USB ports, all of which are available on any unit that offers telecom plate access.

What styles are available in the DaisyLink power data station system?

ECA DaisyLink modular power data outlets are available in two styles, the Seclusion power strip and the Villa power base/bar. The Seclusion units come standard with mounting plates allowing for installation above or below the surface at the edge of the table top, and also offer an optional clamp-mount if the project prohibits drilling holes in the top. The Villa power base is a built-in unit that requires a table top cutout, that may then be finished with a decorative flip-up lid for access from above. The Villa power bar is comes with a mounting flange that makes it best suited for installation on a vertical panel, either above or below desk level. All of these power data stations are available in a variety of power receptacle and data telecom configurations to meet the needs of your training table.

DIY One Size Fits All Table Legs

Hafele 56-3/4" Taller Metal Table Legs Hafele 56-3/4″ Taller Metal Table Legs provide a versatile option for the do-it-yourselfer who requires table legs in a very specific custom height. Table legs come in common sizes depending on their use. Desk and kitchen table legs are generally around 28″, counter height table legs are roughly 36″, and bar height table legs are approximately 40″- 42″. Those dimensions are perfectly fine if you have a normal table installation; but, what if you require a 31-7/16″ table leg or a 48″ table leg for a fixed height standing desk? Custom taller table legs are difficult to come by and custom shorter table legs are generally only cut in 1″ increments. The answer is the Hafele 56-3/4″ Taller Metal Table Legs. This sturdy leg solves your custom height table leg problem in several ways:

DIY Height Adjustment
Hafele 56-3/4″ Taller Metal Table Legs can be cut down with a hack saw and a bit of elbow grease. Take copious and accurate measurements since cutting the leg too short cannot be undone. Cutting the leg to the size required will not reduce the weight capacity of the leg. Each leg can support a weight of 220lbs.

Fixed or rolling options
Hafele 56-3/4″ Taller Metal Table Legs can be ordered with a standard leveler that allows 1″ of height adjustment, a deluxe leveler that allows 4-1/4″ of height adjustment, or rolling casters that will add a fixed 4-1/4″ to the height of the leg; but, will allow tables and desks to be easily moved from one room to the next.

Interchangeable Components
The Hafele 56-3/4″ Taller Metal Table Leg is a hollow steel tube that is supplied with a threaded insert used to installed the mounting plate for the leg. The caster press fits into the hollow bottom of the leg. For unique situations such as floor mounted table legs, a second threaded insert and mounting plate can be installed at the bottom of the leg. This application is useful in boats and train cars.

Finish Options Available
With the Hafele 56-3/4″ Taller Metal Table Legs, you are not getting an unfinished steel tube. The legs are fully finished in a black textured finish, silver aluminum finish, polished chrome finish, or a brushed steel finish. The finishes are complementary for almost any decor.

The next time you find yourself in a pickle and need an odd size table leg, remember the Hafele 56-3/4″ Taller Metal Table Legs. Their versatility, strength, and the ease of cutting the legs—even for a novice—make them a lifesaver in a jam. “Jam” and “pickle” in the span of two sentences about table legs. I must be hungry.

Kitchen Countertop Shelf Supports

Kitchen Countertop Shelf SupportsWhether you’re looking for an elevated surface to rest drinks and plates, or if you need additional workspace for preparing meals, kitchen countertop shelf supports make it easy to create the space you’re looking for with minimal installation costs. With a wide variety of shapes and sizes available, it’s simple to find a countertop shelf support or angle bracket to fit in your kitchen, kitchen island, wet bar, butler pantry, or breakfast nook.

Style & Finish Options

Kitchen countertop shelf supports are available in square and round designs, and in both straight and angled configurations depending on whether you want the shelf rising directly above the countertop or leaning out over the edge of the lower countertop surface. Most countertop shelf support brackets are available in either a polished chrome or brushed stainless steel finish, ensuring that the support brackets will either accent existing metal finishes throughout the kitchen or, at the very least, not clash with various wood or painted finishes.

Why do I need additional countertop space?

Your new and/or elevated kitchen countertop surface can be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from the practical and functional to the purely aesthetic. Floating kitchen shelves provide the extra height needed to keep little hands away from drinks and food, or they can be used to create clean food and dirty food countertop zones during meal preparation, helping to thwart possible contamination from raw, uncooked foods. Kitchen countertop shelf supports also shorten the distance between guests and their plates during cocktail hour or dinner parties, and provide added emphasis to select entrees or centerpieces by elevating them above the rest of your display.

Installation Options

Most kitchen countertop shelf support brackets mount from underneath, through the existing countertop surfaces, and are then affixed to the new, elevated countertop shelf via a mounting flange at the top of the countertop support. If the application involves a new glass shelf or countertop, some kitchen surface supports are available with glass adapters that feature smooth, flat discs that accept glue to adhere glass to the support bracket. Also falling into this category of kitchen countertop hardware are vertical “side-mounted” shelf brackets that mount onto an existing cabinet or panel, resulting in a new countertop surface that is level with the old countertop.

Now that you’re one step closer to your dream kitchen, consider tackling other simple hardware projects to personalize and increase efficiency throughout your kitchen workspace. You could add wall mounted baskets or hooks in your pantry or mud room area, install low-profile sliding utility drawers under countertops for quick storage, or add task or mood lighting inside of closets or under cabinets with kitchen LED puck or strip cabinet lighting. Good luck!!

Easy Table Storage with Gibraltar Flip-Top Nesting Table Bases

Gibraltar Flip-Top Nesting Table BasesGibraltar Flip-Top Nesting Table Bases provide compact storage of desks and tables creating open space for facility cleaning or staging special events. My first thought when flip-top nesting tables are mentioned is my old high school cafeteria. Not because they had them; but, because they desperately needed them. In my high school, like so many other high schools around the country, the cafeteria was the center of school life. Student council elections were held in the cafeteria, bake sales for every school organization were held in the cafeteria, and pre-away game pep rallies were held in the cafeteria. The cafeteria was even the site of the senior and junior prom dances. For such a versatile space, tables and chairs would have to be moved and stored on a weekly basis; yet, without flip-top nesting table bases, the tables were awkwardly stacked in the courtyard adjoining the cafeteria. You heard that right. A beautiful outdoor space that could have been used in conjunction with the cafeteria space was used as storage.

The use of Gibraltar Flip-Top Nesting Table Bases doesn’t have to be restricted to the cafeteria. They can be useful in classrooms, conference rooms, church halls, libraries, and any convertible space. Gibraltar Flip-Top Nesting Table Bases can be easily converted into a folding position with the press of a lever. Now I know you’re wondering if two people are required to flip a table with two bases. Two people would be needed if the standard bases are ordered; however, unlike some other flip-top table bases on the market Gibraltar Flip-Top Nesting Table Bases are available with a nifty hand release that will allow a single person to flip and move a Gibraltar Flip-Top Nesting Table Base. Style divas will also appreciate the myriad table base designs and finishes available for Gibraltar Flip-Top Nesting Table Bases. Future-proof the tables in your facility with Gibraltar Flip-Top Nesting Table Bases.

Tie and Belt Racks for Dad: A New Approach to Father’s Day

BeltRack.3Tie and belt racks provide a convenient organizational solution for closets making ties and belts easy to access. Father’s Day…the day we celebrate Dad with a tie, or a tie, or a power drill, or a tie, or a belt, or a tie, or grill utensils, or a tie…sensing a pattern? Now that Dad has about a year’s worth of ties and nearly as many belts, surprise him with something only slightly different. A space saving tie rack will neatly display Dad’s vast collection of ties—some of which he may have forgotten he owned. A complementary matching belt rack will save Dad’s belts from being crushed under foot or hidden in remote corners of his closet. Tie and belt racks come in two forms: wall mounted racks or hanging organizers.

Wall Mounted Tie and Belt Racks

Wall Mounted Tie and Belt Racks are surface mounted to a wall in your closet or freestanding wardrobe cabinet. They are dead simple to install and remain in place until Dad wants to take it out. Some wall mounted tie and belt racks offer a slide feature that allows Dad to pull out the tie and belt rack for greater access and to display the ties and belts in his collections. Don’t limit gifting tie and belt racks just to Dad’s wardrobe either. Mom can utilize tie and belt racks to hang scarves, necklaces, or her own belts. She can even hang her ties—if your Mom happens to be Diane Keaton.

Hanging Tie and Belt Organizers

How easy is it to install a hanging tie and belt organizer? Can you hang clothes in your closet? Then you’ve mastered installation of this organizer. The assortment of Woodlore Hanging Tie and Belt Racks simply hang on the closet rod in your closet or wardrobe cabinet. No hardware included or required. The double whammy is that the Woodlore Hanging Tie and Belt Racks are made of solid cedar and smell fantastic. The delicious aroma isn’t appreciated by moths and other creepy crawlies making the Woodlore Hanging Tie and Belt Racks a natural bug repellent and clothing preservative.

This Father’s Day, let’s give Dad a reprieve from another year of ties and belts and help him organize his closet. Maybe get him a few tie and belt racks; because, after this year everything will be back to normal for Father’s Day. Tie anyone?