Tie and Belt Racks for Dad: A New Approach to Father’s Day

BeltRack.3Tie and belt racks provide a convenient organizational solution for closets making ties and belts easy to access. Father’s Day…the day we celebrate Dad with a tie, or a tie, or a power drill, or a tie, or a belt, or a tie, or grill utensils, or a tie…sensing a pattern? Now that Dad has about a year’s worth of ties and nearly as many belts, surprise him with something only slightly different. A space saving tie rack will neatly display Dad’s vast collection of ties—some of which he may have forgotten he owned. A complementary matching belt rack will save Dad’s belts from being crushed under foot or hidden in remote corners of his closet. Tie and belt racks come in two forms: wall mounted racks or hanging organizers.

Wall Mounted Tie and Belt Racks

Wall Mounted Tie and Belt Racks are surface mounted to a wall in your closet or freestanding wardrobe cabinet. They are dead simple to install and remain in place until Dad wants to take it out. Some wall mounted tie and belt racks offer a slide feature that allows Dad to pull out the tie and belt rack for greater access and to display the ties and belts in his collections. Don’t limit gifting tie and belt racks just to Dad’s wardrobe either. Mom can utilize tie and belt racks to hang scarves, necklaces, or her own belts. She can even hang her ties—if your Mom happens to be Diane Keaton.

Hanging Tie and Belt Organizers

How easy is it to install a hanging tie and belt organizer? Can you hang clothes in your closet? Then you’ve mastered installation of this organizer. The assortment of Woodlore Hanging Tie and Belt Racks simply hang on the closet rod in your closet or wardrobe cabinet. No hardware included or required. The double whammy is that the Woodlore Hanging Tie and Belt Racks are made of solid cedar and smell fantastic. The delicious aroma isn’t appreciated by moths and other creepy crawlies making the Woodlore Hanging Tie and Belt Racks a natural bug repellent and clothing preservative.

This Father’s Day, let’s give Dad a reprieve from another year of ties and belts and help him organize his closet. Maybe get him a few tie and belt racks; because, after this year everything will be back to normal for Father’s Day. Tie anyone?

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