DIY One Size Fits All Table Legs

Hafele 56-3/4" Taller Metal Table Legs Hafele 56-3/4″ Taller Metal Table Legs provide a versatile option for the do-it-yourselfer who requires table legs in a very specific custom height. Table legs come in common sizes depending on their use. Desk and kitchen table legs are generally around 28″, counter height table legs are roughly 36″, and bar height table legs are approximately 40″- 42″. Those dimensions are perfectly fine if you have a normal table installation; but, what if you require a 31-7/16″ table leg or a 48″ table leg for a fixed height standing desk? Custom taller table legs are difficult to come by and custom shorter table legs are generally only cut in 1″ increments. The answer is the Hafele 56-3/4″ Taller Metal Table Legs. This sturdy leg solves your custom height table leg problem in several ways:

DIY Height Adjustment
Hafele 56-3/4″ Taller Metal Table Legs can be cut down with a hack saw and a bit of elbow grease. Take copious and accurate measurements since cutting the leg too short cannot be undone. Cutting the leg to the size required will not reduce the weight capacity of the leg. Each leg can support a weight of 220lbs.

Fixed or rolling options
Hafele 56-3/4″ Taller Metal Table Legs can be ordered with a standard leveler that allows 1″ of height adjustment, a deluxe leveler that allows 4-1/4″ of height adjustment, or rolling casters that will add a fixed 4-1/4″ to the height of the leg; but, will allow tables and desks to be easily moved from one room to the next.

Interchangeable Components
The Hafele 56-3/4″ Taller Metal Table Leg is a hollow steel tube that is supplied with a threaded insert used to installed the mounting plate for the leg. The caster press fits into the hollow bottom of the leg. For unique situations such as floor mounted table legs, a second threaded insert and mounting plate can be installed at the bottom of the leg. This application is useful in boats and train cars.

Finish Options Available
With the Hafele 56-3/4″ Taller Metal Table Legs, you are not getting an unfinished steel tube. The legs are fully finished in a black textured finish, silver aluminum finish, polished chrome finish, or a brushed steel finish. The finishes are complementary for almost any decor.

The next time you find yourself in a pickle and need an odd size table leg, remember the Hafele 56-3/4″ Taller Metal Table Legs. Their versatility, strength, and the ease of cutting the legs—even for a novice—make them a lifesaver in a jam. “Jam” and “pickle” in the span of two sentences about table legs. I must be hungry.

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