Solid Phonelic Toilet Partitions, Bathroom Dividers, & Shower Stalls


Solid Phenolic is a durable, heavy-duty, moisture resistant material that is commonly specified for shower rooms and high traffic restrooms. The most common question we receive about Solid Phenolic material is, “What the heck is it”? Solid Phenolic material is comprised of many layers of plastic laminate sheets that are glued together under high pressure and high temperature. Think of the laminate countertops that you see in kitchens from the 70’s and 80’s. When those thin layers of laminate are bonded to each other under high pressure, it creates an extremely durable and water resistant material that is a top choice for shower rooms and restroom toilet partitions in high traffic restrooms. Because of the high quality of the phenolic sheets and the pressure they are subjected to, Solid Phenolic material will not delaminate like its cousin Plastic Laminate. We’ll discuss Plastic Laminate material in depth in a future blog and why it should not even be considered for a shower room or other high moisture area.
The second most common question about Solid Phenolic material is, “How long will it last”? FOREVER! Maybe that’s overselling the Solid Phenolic material; but, it is virtually indestructible—some might say bulletproof. Even the most destructive force on Earth—a room full of two year olds—couldn’t damage Solid Phenolic material. Manufacturers are so confident in the durability of Solid Phenolic material that a warranty of 25 years is standard within the industry. Aside from its durability, Solid Phenolic material is available in more colors and designs than any other toilet partition material hands down. Solid Phenolic material color options span the entirety of available color palettes of Formica, Wilson Art, and Nevamar. The Solid Phenolic material is a considerable premium to standard Baked Enamel Steel Restroom Toilet Partitions; but, the money you will save in the long run is well worth it.