Tie and Belt Racks for Dad: A New Approach to Father’s Day

BeltRack.3Tie and belt racks provide a convenient organizational solution for closets making ties and belts easy to access. Father’s Day…the day we celebrate Dad with a tie, or a tie, or a power drill, or a tie, or a belt, or a tie, or grill utensils, or a tie…sensing a pattern? Now that Dad has about a year’s worth of ties and nearly as many belts, surprise him with something only slightly different. A space saving tie rack will neatly display Dad’s vast collection of ties—some of which he may have forgotten he owned. A complementary matching belt rack will save Dad’s belts from being crushed under foot or hidden in remote corners of his closet. Tie and belt racks come in two forms: wall mounted racks or hanging organizers.

Wall Mounted Tie and Belt Racks

Wall Mounted Tie and Belt Racks are surface mounted to a wall in your closet or freestanding wardrobe cabinet. They are dead simple to install and remain in place until Dad wants to take it out. Some wall mounted tie and belt racks offer a slide feature that allows Dad to pull out the tie and belt rack for greater access and to display the ties and belts in his collections. Don’t limit gifting tie and belt racks just to Dad’s wardrobe either. Mom can utilize tie and belt racks to hang scarves, necklaces, or her own belts. She can even hang her ties—if your Mom happens to be Diane Keaton.

Hanging Tie and Belt Organizers

How easy is it to install a hanging tie and belt organizer? Can you hang clothes in your closet? Then you’ve mastered installation of this organizer. The assortment of Woodlore Hanging Tie and Belt Racks simply hang on the closet rod in your closet or wardrobe cabinet. No hardware included or required. The double whammy is that the Woodlore Hanging Tie and Belt Racks are made of solid cedar and smell fantastic. The delicious aroma isn’t appreciated by moths and other creepy crawlies making the Woodlore Hanging Tie and Belt Racks a natural bug repellent and clothing preservative.

This Father’s Day, let’s give Dad a reprieve from another year of ties and belts and help him organize his closet. Maybe get him a few tie and belt racks; because, after this year everything will be back to normal for Father’s Day. Tie anyone?

Essential Man Cave Accessories

CBMAC100_1Man Cave…simultaneously one of the most overused terms of the 21st century (right up there with “misspoke” and “like”) and a top requested new home feature. What exactly is a man cave? It is different things to different guys—some don’t even know what they want their own man cave to be. More often than not, the man cave becomes a billiard room while others see it as home to the mother of all entertainment systems. Almost any man cave is going to be heavy on media and technology. Let’s layout some essential man cave accessories that will form the foundation of your dream room:

Turntables and Swivel Plates
Your man cave is almost certainly going to have a TV. Whether it’s the grand poobah of TV’s or the black and white one from your youth, it’s absolutely essential that you not miss a single touchdown or homerun no matter what section of your man cave you occupy. Turntables and Swivel Plates will allow you to rotate that TV so that it’s viewable from all areas of your man cave. The turntables and swivel plates aren’t just for the TV though. Set your speakers on a turntable to optimize sound positioning for your media center. You can even build a lazy susan for your coffee table and optimize snack distribution.

Media Access Center
What’s the worst part of hooking up peripherals to your TV? Hooking up peripherals to your TV! You have to stretch and contort to get everything connected to your TV. And what happens if you upgrade your sound system or replace your old DVD player with a Blu-Ray player? The hunt begins to find the cable that goes from the DVD player to the TV through the twisted nest of cords and dust. Making a media access center a priority in your man cave will neatly organize your peripherals and save you the frustration of fussing with mangled, knotted cords and dust.

Motorized TV Lift
It’s a motorized TV lift. Need I say more? Actually, I will say a little bit more. The motorized TV lift conveniently stores up to a 50″ flat screen TV in a cabinet safe from dust and would be destroyers of your TV when it’s not in use. The motorized lift is remote control operated and frees additional surface area when the TV is not in use.

So there are a few of the man cave essentials that you will need to fully enjoy your new man cave. Now, the TV, pool table, and arcade games to buy you’ll have to figure out on your own.

Hewi Nylon Bathroom Accessories, Grab Bars, Hooks, Door Hardware

We carry Hewi nylon bathroom accessories, cabinet hardware, and door accessories for both residential and commercial applications where nylon hardware is preferred to traditional metal hardware on account of harsh sunlight and corrosive, humid air conditions. Hewi barrier free nylon grab bars, shower seats, and bathroom accessories make a bold design statement while their nonporous finish prevents rust or germ build-up in both public and private restrooms. To view more of our commercial bathroom hardware options, please visit our public restroom toilet stall partitions and bathroom accessories page for ADA bathroom and shower design solutions.

Another great advantage to using Hewi nylon hardware in your bathroom and on doors and cabinets throughout your house, in addition to being resistant to extreme heat and oppressive humidity, is the opportunity to add a splash of bright color to your abode. Hewi nylon is available in a variety of basic primary colors as well as some neutral grays and light blue and yellow pastels, making it a great way to upgrade drab hardware in a bath, den, nursery, bedroom, or child’s playroom. If you’re also in the market for traditional door hardware options, please visit our residential security and heavy duty commercial locks and door hardware page for a slew of designer door accessory choices from leading manufacturers such as Baldwin, Emtek, Deltana, and Schlage.

How to Store and Organize Ties and Scarves in your Closet

ScarfRackTie and scarf organization in a home wardrobe or walk-in closet can be achieved with easy to install tie racks and scarf racks or with tie hangers. It’s no secret that a dresser drawer, storage bin, or the floor will inevitably become the storage location for your ties and scarves. Hanging them on a standard nylon clothes hanger or cedar clothes hanger will at some point result in their falling to the floor to be stepped on when you’re getting dressed and left for days when you feel lazy and don’t want to pick them up. With your ties and scarves tucked away in a drawer, you’ll have to dig around to find your favorite accessory or will always grab whatever is lying on the top of the pile leaving the rest of your collection to languish. Why not display your assortment of ties and scarves and make them easily accessible with a tie rack or scarf rack? Tie Racks and Scarf Racks can be screwed to an interior wall of your wardrobe or walk-in closet and can slide out for easy access. Tie Racks and Scarf Racks securely hold your neck accessories in place without worrying about them falling to the floor.

If you have a small closet where a wall mounted Tie Rack is not a feasible option, you can also take advantage of a Tie Hanger. Tie Hangers are similar to cedar clothes hangers with the exception that there are pegs mounted to a triangular piece of cedar wood. This will allow you to hang the Tie Hanger on your closet rod and still have your ties readily accessible. Although it is called a Tie Hanger, it would also be beneficial for hanging scarves or even jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets. The cedar wood used for the Tie Hanger doubles as a pest repellent for your clothes while also imparting a pleasing scent to your closet and your accessories.

Omni Track Storage Closet Organizer

OmniTrackCraftBenchKit800The Omni Track System will organize your storage closet making all your bits and bobs, knickknacks, gimcrackery, and trumpery easily accessible for use (or just out of the way never to be used again). Often we will have the best of intentions for keeping our storage closets neat and tidy. You begin my neatly placing your knitting supplies on a shelf in the closet. Then your tools are stacked neatly in tool boxes on the floor in the closet. Before you know it, you’re throwing hammers and screwdrivers into the closet and hoping against hope that when you open the door a mountain of your belongings doesn’t fall on you leaving you wishing you ordered a Life Alert. The Omni Track System will solve the storage closet clutter problem and prevent it from occurring again. With ample storage baskets, shelves, and hooks, there’s no need to ever have a cluttered storage closet again.

The Omni Track System is a modular storage and organization system that can be ordered piecemeal for a custom installation in your storage closet or they can be ordered in kits that will provide the components you need for the type of storage closet you are organizing. Omni Track System kits are available for Lawn/Garden Storage Closets, Sports and Athletics Storage Closets, Work Bench Storage Closets, and Craft Bench Storage Closets. The Omni Track System can even be used for larger areas such as entire craft and scrapbooking rooms that would make Martha Stewart proud, large tool sheds, or pop-up hardware stores. It’s not often that you see a pop-up hardware store; but, if you have one or are looking to build one, the Omni Track System will be a great addition for organizing and displaying merchandise.

Built-In Ironing Boards for Closets

IroningBoardA.1A Built-In Ironing Board for your walk-in closet is a convenience that will save you time and trips to the hospital from falling over your standing ironing board. You laugh, but the number one reason for visits to America’s emergency rooms was a fall due to transporting or falling over a standing ironing board. That’s a blatant lie, but it sounds good. It makes me feel better for all the times I tripped over my ironing board. Now a built-in ironing board in your closet is gold. Where are your clothes? In the closet (or dresser drawer which doesn’t count right now). Where should your ironing board be stored? In the closet (or laundry room which also doesn’t count right now). Eureka! With a built-in ironing board in your closet, you don’t have to worry about where to store your ironing board, lugging it out to iron your clothes, or having a fatal accident because of the ironing board. I’m very bitter about my numerous falls so this theme will come up again I assure you. A built-in ironing board in your closet is convenient because it is close at hand when you need to iron your clothes for work, a formal engagement, a night on the town, or a return visit to the doctor because you fell over your standing ironing board last week. I told you it would come up again.

Built-In Ironing Boards can come in three forms: drawer mounted, shelf mounted, or wall mounted. Some of you may be old enough to remember ironing boards installed in a kitchen drawer. Well, they can still be installed in a drawer, but now you’ll want to install it in your walk-in closet. Who irons in the kitchen anymore? Apologies to those who still iron their clothes in their kitchen. Shelf mounted built-in ironing boards are similar to drawer mounted built-in ironing boards with the exception that you will use an open shelf in your walk-in closet to install the built-in ironing board. You could also install the built-in ironing board in a small cabinet so the closed door will conceal the ironing board. No one would ever know it’s there. The last option is the wall mounted ironing board. This type also used to be installed on the wall or in a cabinet in the kitchen. Now you can have it in your walk-in closet tucked away until you need it (not causing injuries like your old standing ironing board). Save a life and do me a favor; ditch the standing ironing board and switch to a built-in ironing board. Your unbroken bones will thank you.

Laundry Hampers: It’s Not Your Floor Anymore

PullOutHamperLaundry Hampers installed in your closet provide a compact storage solution for dirty clothes until laundry day. If you use a freestanding laundry hamper; or worse, the floor of your bedroom, consider installing a closet laundry hamper to free up space. If you’re already in the market for a closet remodel, including a closet laundry hamper will only add a modest amount to your cost for the added convenience of a closet laundry hamper. Two popular options for closet laundry hampers are the pull out type and the tilt out type. For example, the Synergy Pull Out Hamper is a closet laundry hamper that installs between two upright panels in your closet or within a cabinet compartment. With this type of laundry hamper, you can pull the closet laundry hamper out of the compartment to put your dirty clothes in the hamper or to retrieve them for washing. The added benefit for the Synergy Pull Out Hamper is that the bags in the closet laundry hamper that hold your clothes can be completely removed and taken to your laundry room for more convenient clothes washing. Tilt out closet laundry hampers will install on the back of a cabinet door or panel and will utilize a wire basket instead of a bag. Tilt out closet laundry hampers will require the use of flap stays in order to allow the cabinet door to remain in a tilted position and not fall to the floor.

Closet laundry hampers are not restricted to homeowners with spacious walk in closets. Apartment living does have its restrictions like limiting changes that can be made to the residence and an expensive custom closet construction in an apartment that you do not own is less than ideal. However, you can still install a closet laundry hamper. Hanging Wire Laundry Hampers that are used for tilt out cabinets can also be installed on a wall or door with an optional mounting bracket. Only a few screws will be needed to install the bracket and when you move, just a small amount of spackling paste will fill the holes. If you want to avoid screws holes completely, Command Hooks are a great alternative.