Babcock Davis ScrapesGrate® Roll-Up Mats and Rigid Grates

BabcockDavisG275Babcock Davis ScrapesGrate® Roll-Up Mats and Rigid Grates combine the scraping action of serrated tread rails with the maximum water and dirt removal of premium textile treads. Entrance flooring systems are intended to minimize dirt and moisture that is tracked through a facility on the soles of visitors’ shoes. Dirt and mud on floors and carpets is unsightly; but, wet surfaces can also cause injury. The serrated tread rails of the Babcock Davis ScrapesGrate® Roll-Up Mats and Rigid Grates aggressively scrape debris from the soles of shoes leaving floors and carpets free of heavy soiling. Babcock Davis ScrapesGrate® Roll-Up Mats are ideal for renovation applications where a deep recess to accommodate a rigid grate is not available. The Babcock Davis ScrapesGrate® Roll-Up Mats can also be easily rolled up to clean trapped dirt from its level bed frame. Babcock Davis ScrapesGrate® Rigid Grates are ideal for new construction projects or heavy duty applications such as airports and shopping malls.
Babcock Davis ScrapesGrate® Roll-Up Mats and Rigid Grates perform best when coupled with Babcock Davis UltraSorb® Premium Carpet or Babcock Davis Rugged Scrub® Carpet. For applications where maximum moisture absorption is necessary, we recommend the Babcock Davis UltraSorb® Premium Carpet. This is a particularly useful choice in facilities where the majority of flooring is tile or wood which can become dangerously slippery when wet. Where dirt removal is most important, we recommend the Babcock Davis Rugged Scrub® Carpet for dirt and debris removal. This is ideal for facilities where the majority of flooring is carpet that can become heavily soiled and require more frequent cleaning if dirt that is tracked into the facility is not minimized. Babcock Davis ScrapesGrate® Roll-Up Mats and Rigid Grates are fabricated of durable, moisture resistant aluminum and can be installed for exterior or interior use. For optimum usage, we recommend a Babcock Davis ScrapesGrate® Roll-Up Mat or Rigid Grate installed both in front of entrance doors as well as in the entry way to ensure as much moisture and dirt can be removed from shoes as possible.

Babcock Davis/Arden Floor Grate Tread Inserts

recessed-floor-grilleBabcock Davis/Arden Floor Grates and Mats are available with assorted tread types that serve myriad purposes. Why would you choose UltraSorb over standard carpet or EnvIRONtread instead of Aluminum Abrasive tread? We’ll explain the differences in the Babcock Davis/Arden Floor Grates and Mats tread insert options to make the process a bit more transparent.

Standard Carpet: Standard Carpet is constructed of woven nylon and is for use in interior areas where color selection is of paramount importance. Standard Carpet offers 13 colors to choose from; but, it can wear faster than more durable, heavy duty floor grate tread inserts.

UltraSorb: UltraSorb is a premium floor grate tread insert that has been proven to remove dirt and moisture from shoes more effectively than other textiles. The tetralobal shape of its fibers and its tufted construction provide superior strength and rigidity while its open weave increases absorbency. These features enable it to clean shoes and hold up to 1.5 gallons of water and 13.4 pounds of dirt per square yard. UltraSorb is available in 8 colors to choose from.

Rugged Scrub: Rugged Scrub is an ideal solution for exterior or interior floor grate applications. Its polypropylene fibers are large, stiff, chisel shaped, and widely spaced giving Rugged Scrub a scrubber like texture that is perfect for heavy duty applications. Rugged Scrub does not absorb moisture; so, it dries quickly and stands up to all types of weather.

EnvIRONtread: EnvIRONtread provides all the benefits of buffed rubber floor grate treads with the added benefits of increased drainage and more color options. Two treads per rail on all EnvIRONtread products provide the maximum cleaning surface.

EnvIRONtread II: EnvIRONtread II is constructed of recycled, nylon reinforced truck and airplane tire strips that are buffed to reveal the fibers embedded within the rubber. This, along with recycled aluminum divider bars, makes this product 95% recycled material by cost. Double sided floor grate treads make symmetrical grates perfectly reversible. Just flip them over to increase product life.

Vinyl and Rubber: Vinyl and Rubber floor grate tread inserts are for use in high traffic, exterior and interior areas where moisture absorbency is not required. Extruded vinyl and vulcanized rubber are formed into a convex shape with continuous serrations. Vinyl floor grate tread inserts are available in 5 colors. Rubber floor grate tread inserts are only available in black.

Abrasive Insert: Abrasive Inserts are for use in interior areas where slip resistance is critical. Abrasive Inserts are constructed of flexible abrasive treads tape-bonded to a rigid bio-based/recycled plastic tread insert. A similar material is the Aluminum Abrasive tread which is constructed of aluminum oxide grit factory bonded to floor grate treads in a 2 part epoxy coating. Abrasive Inserts are available in 5 colors and Aluminum Abrasive treads are available in 6 colors.