NOVA Solutions Ergonomic Desks: A Cure for that Pain in the Neck

nova_flatpanel_classroomNOVA Solutions downward gaze ergonomic desks are an innovative furniture design that alleviates next strain from computer monitor viewing. You know that pain in the neck that inevitably gets on your nerves while you’re working? You’re intently focused on completing your assignment when that pain in the neck creeps up on you slowly before walloping you hard halfway through the work day. Sadly it’s not an annoying coworker that you could throttle violently for distracting you from your task (f.y.i. we do not advocate assault of your coworkers). That pain in the neck is a literal pain in the neck. We office workers sitting at desks and workstations for 8 hours on end suffer from myriad aches and pains with neck pain being one of the most annoying. All the neck stretches I’ve done have probably taken up a good 30 minutes of my day. Don’t judge me; that stretching is well earned. Anyway, NOVA Solutions created a solution to that neck pain. The NOVA Solutions downward gaze ergonomic desk allows for your computer monitor to be mounted underneath your desk with a viewport installed in the desktop for viewing the monitor. This downward viewing angle of NOVA Solutions Ergonomic Desks actually alleviates the strain placed on your neck when viewing your monitor. Can you imagine actually getting through an entire work day without neck pain?

If you are married to the desk that you already have or just don’t want to spend the money on a completely new desk, the NOVA Solutions Retrofit Kit provides the same downward gaze technology as Nova Solutions ergonomic desks with the added benefit that it can be installed on your existing desk. Installation is very simple (not including getting a contractor or woodworker to cut a hole in your desktop). If you’re handy at woodwork, then feel free to cut the viewport in your desk yourself. That will save you money and time. NOVA Solutions Retrofit Kits are available for flat panel monitors up to 20” wide and for CRT monitors up to 20” wide and 23” deep. A CRT monitor is the big dinosaur that looks like a small old fashioned television. Frankly, if you still have one of these I’d say ditch it and get a flat panel monitor. Despite my opinion, NOVA Solutions has you covered if you still have and want to keep your CRT monitor and benefit from an ergonomic downward gaze positioning. Now that you’ve dipped your tow in the shallow end of the ergonomic pool with a NOVA Solutions Ergonomic Desk or Retrofit Kit, you can benefit from maximum ergonomic comfort by outfitting your entire work area with ergonomic accessories. Your fingers, wrists, arms, shoulders, neck, back, hips, coccyx, and knees will thank you. Yes, I included coccyx. Those of you with uncomfortable chairs feel my pain.

Humanscale Ergonomic Chairs

LibertychairHumanscale Ergonomic Freedom Chairs provide comfort and support while keeping your spine aligned and reducing fatigue on your joints. Ergonomic is the latest buzzword in the office furniture game; but, beyond being a buzzword, ergonomics of office accessories and furniture is important for your joint, spine, and muscle health. Anyone working a desk job can tell you the plethora of aches and pains they have throughout the day. An achy wrist from typing on the keyboard, a sore neck from looking at your monitor, a sore back from sitting in your office chair, etc., etc. ad nauseum. Ergonomics strives to alleviate all those aches and pains with simple changes in your desk set up such as keyboards with wrist rests, adjustable height monitors to alleviate strain on your neck, and keyboard trays that can adjust to your height and comfort level. While Humanscale is a leader in ergonomic office accessory design, their Ergonomic Freedom Chairs work miracles for back and shoulder pain.

Humanscale Ergonomic Freedom Chairs work in a unique way that is not common in run of the mill office chairs. Humanscale Ergonomic Freedom Chairs provide weight sensitive recline. When you recline in a Humanscale Ergonomic Freedom Chair, the chair will support you in any position without the use of a ratchet system. No longer do you have to fiddle with an overabundance of knobs and pulleys to set your chair to a comfortable setting. In addition to weight sensitive recline, Humanscale Ergonomic Freedom Chairs synchronously adjust the armrests for maximum comfort and to maintain your spinal alignment. Humanscale Ergonomic Freedom Chairs are available with a headrest (for the big boss) and in without the head rest. Humanscale’s Ergonomic Chair division is further expanded with non rolling Humanscale Liberty Side Chairs for a waiting room or conference room, Humanscale Liberty Task Chair with tri-panel Form-Sensing Mesh seat back, and Humanscale Freedom Saddle Chairs when a stool for short term seating is desired just to name a few. Humanscale’s Ergonomic Freedom, Liberty, and Cinto Chairs should be used with ergonomic office accessories for maximum ergonomic benefit.

CPU Holders: Capable Clutter Clearing Companions

CPU HolderCPU HOLDERS ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND! Yes, I used all caps. I am very passionate about the importance of CPU holders. To be honest, I am a recent convert to the CPU holder camp. Like most of you I just parked my CPU on the floor under my desk and left it to collect dust. No harm, no foul. Until there was harm. Severe harm. Oh, God was there harm. Here’s the Cliff’s Notes version of the story.

• I spun around in my chair.

• My CPU went BOOM!

• My life was miserable for the rest of the year. (OK, it was only a week.)

That’s the whole, sordid story. Ever since my CPU was repaired and returned to my open arms it has never left the CPU holder that I installed. Now, barring a severe earthquake on the East Coast or the Incredible Hulk destroying my office, I have no fear of physical harm befalling my CPU.

It’s been pretty interesting having this CPU holder. I really never thought I needed it until the fatal incident occurred; but, it has been more helpful than I thought. I don’t have to crawl under my desk anymore to access the ports in the back of my CPU. I can just spin it in place and the ports and my neatly organized cables are within an arm’s length. I am incredibly lazy, so this was fantastic for me. If Google comes out with a mind control attachment for my CPU holder, I’ll be totally set. With my CPU off the floor, our cleaning crew can clean under my desk now too. Should that have prevented them before? I don’t think so. Will they clean under there now? Probably not, but the fact that they can is comforting. Hmmm…maybe we should look in to a new cleaning service. Well, anyway, back to my CPU holder. An unexpected benefit is that it can move with me now when I raise my height adjustable desk. If I need to put a disk in the CD-ROM drive or a flash drive in the USB port, I don’t have to stoop down and aggravate my back problems. This CPU holder is the best thing since Cinnabon. Scratch that. Nothing is as good as Cinnabon. Those giant cinnamon rolls with gooey icing and…CPU Holders are great. I’m going to Cinnabon.

Do I Need A Height Adjustable Desk

This is probably the number one question I get from customers when they are looking to buy a new desk. They’ll visit our website and see these neat looking desks that can rise and fall with the push of a button; but, wonder is this a necessity or just a luxury for fancy schmancy offices. My answer is very simple. If you like to stand up and get away from your desk to “stretch” (read that as slack off work for a little bit), then don’t get a height adjustable desk. You’ll become instantly more productive. Okay, maybe not instantly, but you get the idea. A Conset height adjustable desk can be an asset if you find yourself suffering from back pain during your work day. I know this from personal experience because I have great bosses who purchased a height adjustable desk for me. They noticed I would stand up or walk around the office periodically during the day. I think I may have done a few downward dogs and sun salutations to stretch my back which got quite a few stares, but I digress. Having this desk has helped me a lot. If I need to stretch my legs or alleviate my back pain, I press a button on my desk and I’m upwardly mobile. I can continue working while I stand and still feel comfortable.

Do you want to know the number two question I get? Ask and you shall receive. Of course our customers want to know will this fit their work area. The great thing is, these desks come in so many different sizes and configurations. There are wall mounted versions for the troublemaker in your office who the boss put in time out, but they still need to finish that Powerpoint presentation that’s due by the end of the day. There are narrow twin leg versions for those of you confined to the dark recesses of a cubicle. For the head honcho in your office, there are even large corner desk versions. You won’t be confined by size or shape options, but your back and legs will thank you for making the leap to a height adjustable desk. And don’t forget a CPU holder to mount to the underside of your desk. Trust me, you’ll want to do that right now. I knocked over my CPU at my workstation and was without it and my height adjustable desk for a week. I was not a happy camper. So in the interest of paying it forward, get a CPU holder. You won’t regret it.