Omni Track Storage Closet Organizer

OmniTrackCraftBenchKit800The Omni Track System will organize your storage closet making all your bits and bobs, knickknacks, gimcrackery, and trumpery easily accessible for use (or just out of the way never to be used again). Often we will have the best of intentions for keeping our storage closets neat and tidy. You begin my neatly placing your knitting supplies on a shelf in the closet. Then your tools are stacked neatly in tool boxes on the floor in the closet. Before you know it, you’re throwing hammers and screwdrivers into the closet and hoping against hope that when you open the door a mountain of your belongings doesn’t fall on you leaving you wishing you ordered a Life Alert. The Omni Track System will solve the storage closet clutter problem and prevent it from occurring again. With ample storage baskets, shelves, and hooks, there’s no need to ever have a cluttered storage closet again.

The Omni Track System is a modular storage and organization system that can be ordered piecemeal for a custom installation in your storage closet or they can be ordered in kits that will provide the components you need for the type of storage closet you are organizing. Omni Track System kits are available for Lawn/Garden Storage Closets, Sports and Athletics Storage Closets, Work Bench Storage Closets, and Craft Bench Storage Closets. The Omni Track System can even be used for larger areas such as entire craft and scrapbooking rooms that would make Martha Stewart proud, large tool sheds, or pop-up hardware stores. It’s not often that you see a pop-up hardware store; but, if you have one or are looking to build one, the Omni Track System will be a great addition for organizing and displaying merchandise.