Daisy Chain Desktop Power Data Grommets for Training Tables

Daisy-Chain-Desktop-Power-Data-GrommetsConvenient access to power and data outlets for individual users is an essential part of any training table or workstation desk design, and bringing those connections to the desktop can be an even bigger challenge for training rooms with open floor plans meant to accommodate modular furniture options. DaisyLink desktop power data grommets from ECA provide easy access to power outlets and data connections via multi-circuit hardwire power cables that connect one table to another, thus supplying electrical power to portions of the room that traditional wall or floor outlets might not reach.

How do DaisyLink desk outlets supply power sources to all my tables?

ECA DaisyLink power data stations begin with a “starter” unit that plugs into your existing wall or floor power outlet. The starter unit may be permanently hardwired into the outlet by an experienced electrician, or you can use the quick-disconnect plate that, also after installation by an electrician, allows you to connect and disconnect the unit at your leisure. Once your starter unit is installed, you then begin linking to your “secondary” units via heavy duty interconnecting cables that run between the grommets to power up the next workstation.

How does the DaisyLink power data station help me?

The patented DaisyLink system encourages mobility and adaptability in multi-purpose, multi-use training facilities and event spaces. Tables and desks may be powered up and powered down in a matter of minutes by simply unplugging the interconnecting cables, allowing a room to be set up or cleared out without any additional labor costs. The DaisyLink system by ECA also circumvents the need for extra floor outlets throughout the room, a traditional solution to power distribution problems that are both unsightly and expensive to have installed.

What other data/telecom connections should I include?

When tasked with designing furniture for modern, interactive training facilities, it is important to consider how individuals will stay connected to laptops, phones, and tablets that will help them engage in their lesson or project. Consider which types of network data connections are required for your particular application and make certain that each individual has access to one or more of these data ports. Common network connection requirements include HDMI, VGA, and USB ports, all of which are available on any unit that offers telecom plate access.

What styles are available in the DaisyLink power data station system?

ECA DaisyLink modular power data outlets are available in two styles, the Seclusion power strip and the Villa power base/bar. The Seclusion units come standard with mounting plates allowing for installation above or below the surface at the edge of the table top, and also offer an optional clamp-mount if the project prohibits drilling holes in the top. The Villa power base is a built-in unit that requires a table top cutout, that may then be finished with a decorative flip-up lid for access from above. The Villa power bar is comes with a mounting flange that makes it best suited for installation on a vertical panel, either above or below desk level. All of these power data stations are available in a variety of power receptacle and data telecom configurations to meet the needs of your training table.

ECA Cove Power and Data Solutions in Airports and Hotels

ECA Cove Power and Data Solutions The ECA Cove Power and Data Boxes are compact, unobtrusive solutions for providing power and data in commercial and residential spaces. The unique design of the ECA Cove Power and Data Boxes make them particularly well suited for installation in airports and hotels. Airports and hotels worldwide cater to millions of visitors each year; and, in the 21st century, nearly all of the travelers are tethered to an electronic device of some kind—iPad, iPod, mobile phone, laptop, etc. The ECA Cove Power and Data Boxes solve the problem of providing sufficient power and data in these heavily trafficked spaces in four important ways:

Increases the number of available power outlets

Although airports are vast, cavernous monstrosities where space is not necessarily a commodity, the positioning of power outlets can be problematic. The ECA Cove Power and Data Boxes can be installed almost anywhere you can imagine. Convert antiquated pay phone enclosures into convenient charging stations, install the Cove into waiting area furniture, or mount them on the wall in lieu of traditional wall outlets.

Provides traditional receptacles or USB ports for charging

The ECA Cove Power and Data Boxes do not limit power charging options to traditional receptacles. Active USB connectors can charge passengers mobile devices while they wait for their plane. Travelers may leave traditional receptacle adapters in their luggage and keep only their USB cable in their pocket or carry on when needed to charge or transfer data to their mobile device. Providing an assortment of charging options to passengers is not only good customer service, it keeps your facility technology forward in a rapidly changing technological environment.

Provides numerous data connection options

ECA Cove Power and Data Boxes do more than just charge mobile devices and power laptops. ECA Cove Power and Data Boxes can also provide an assortment of data connectors. Airports wanting to provide a high end amenity to travelers could include RJ-45 connectors to provide a super fast, wired internet connection. Hotels can include RJ-11 phone connectors and RJ-45 data connectors in the ECA Cove Power and Data Boxes which will utilize space wisely in the room and reduce the number of superfluous electrical outlets and phone jacks in the room. You could even add an HDMI connector allowing guests to play movies and games on their hotel room television.

Saves you money with a high quality product
The ECA Cove Power and Data Boxes may look expensive; but, they won’t break the bank. An airport or hotel could outfit the entire facility on a modest budget and install high quality, attractive power and data solutions for travelers, guests, and staff. The money saved can be funneled toward gorgeous, durable Humanscale Ergonomic Seating for offices, waiting areas, cafes, and restaurants.

ECA Drifter Power and Charging Station

The Drifter is a versatile desktop power source and USB charging station that can sit unattached on a table or be secured to the desktop using the included mounting hardware. The Drifter is ideal for lounges, conference rooms, and waiting rooms where individuals look to charge cell phones, laptops, tablets, and other electrical devices.

ECA Cove Series Power Data Outlets


The Cove series of power data outlets from Electri-Cable Assemblies are sleek, simple designs that put power receptacles and USB ports within arm’s reach, whether you’re seated at your desk workstation or near a support column or piece of furniture in a general meeting space. Gone are the days of crawling under your desk or around corners to find power outlets or network cables with the easy, convenient Cove power data grommet installed right in your desktop.

Power Grommets for the Chic and Modern

Villa800xPower Grommets are normally for commercial use; but, there are attractive, less industrial designs that appeal to users wanting a smart installation for their home or office. When some people think of power grommets, they think of a beige, plastic faceplate with power receptacles. Even worse are power receptacles set in unfinished metal. Talk about industrial. Nowadays, we want our devices to have form and function, not pure utilitarian functionality. The iPhone is a fantastic phone and a wonder of technology, but do you think anyone would buy it if it looked like a DynaTAC. Google DynaTAC and you’ll see what I’m talking about. One of the simplest ways to improve the look of a power grommet is with an attractive finish. The simple addition of powder coated black or silver pearl finishes make even the most mundane power grommet look interesting. Brushed Stainless Steel or Brushed Aluminum finishes give high end panache to steel and aluminum power grommets. I’m going full tilt with the $5 words in this blog post. This is about style of course. “Chic” and “panache” are obligatory terms in a style blog. That was another $5 word; but, I digress.

If changing the finish is a little too simplistic for what you want in your application, then go for a unique design. How about a power grommet with an undulating wave design? Such a design aesthetic in a power grommet is reminiscent of the ultra modern architectural design of Frank Gehry. If you’ve never heard of him, look him up; you’ll see the similarity between his designs for the Walt Disney Concert Hall and Guggenheim Museum in Spain and the undulating wave design. If the wave doesn’t do it for you, how about a V shaped table trough with pivot doors? Maybe a freestanding triangular power grommet is more to your liking? The options for design and finish of power grommets are far from limited. Don’t think you’re stuck in a box with only tacky or flat out ugly power grommets to choose from. Let your personal style dictate the end product you want to install in your home or office. After all, if you don’t like it you’ll be miserable looking at it every day.

Conference Table Power Data Grommets

oasis_miniConference Table Power Data Grommets provide ample power and data connections for several users around a conference table. Visualize this with me. You’re in a meeting with the executives of your company and several of your co-workers in the grand conference room of your office. We’re talking really grand. Twelve foot wood conference table with Humanscale chairs and views of Central Park grand. Maybe you’re in Kansas City, but for this visual you’re in New York. Anyway, everyone saddles up around the conference table and plugs in their laptops into the two little power data grommets that have been installed. Unfortunately, you don’t get to plug in your laptop and your battery is already running on fumes. Ten minutes into the presentation, your laptop conchs out. You can’t take notes, you can’t view the PowerPoint presentation that everyone is watching, and the video conference with the Beijing branch has gone bye bye. It’s just your luck that you’re sitting between the two people you can’t stand in your office and they have no intention of letting you watch the presentation on their laptops. It all goes downhill when you’re manager asks YOU to explain a chart that is in the PowerPoint presentation. The one you can’t see. Because your laptop is dead. Because the conference table only has two little power data grommets that could serve a maximum of six people and there are twenty in your meeting. And the moral of this story is to properly outfit your conference table. Not exactly an Aesop fable, but you get the point.

Conference tables by nature are large. Some are considerably larger than others; but, whether you have a six foot conference table or a thirty foot conference table, always bear in mind how many people will be seated at the conference table when selecting power data grommets. Overkill is not a bad thing when it comes to providing necessary power and data connections for conference participants. A 30” power data grommet with twelve power receptacles and a host of data connections may seem large at first. When you actually consider that your conference room has a twenty foot conference table that can seat twenty-four people, that power data grommet that originally looked too large you now realize is the perfect size and that you’ll need a second one. Conference table power data grommets can accommodate medium to oversized conference tables and myriad customizations are available to perfect them for your particular installation. So don’t get caught without access to a power data grommet again. Go big or go home. Not too big though. I’m sure your work desk doesn’t need a twelve power receptacle power data grommet. If you can requisition one, kudos to you. That’s overkill to the nth degree.