DIY One Size Fits All Table Legs

Hafele 56-3/4" Taller Metal Table Legs Hafele 56-3/4″ Taller Metal Table Legs provide a versatile option for the do-it-yourselfer who requires table legs in a very specific custom height. Table legs come in common sizes depending on their use. Desk and kitchen table legs are generally around 28″, counter height table legs are roughly 36″, and bar height table legs are approximately 40″- 42″. Those dimensions are perfectly fine if you have a normal table installation; but, what if you require a 31-7/16″ table leg or a 48″ table leg for a fixed height standing desk? Custom taller table legs are difficult to come by and custom shorter table legs are generally only cut in 1″ increments. The answer is the Hafele 56-3/4″ Taller Metal Table Legs. This sturdy leg solves your custom height table leg problem in several ways:

DIY Height Adjustment
Hafele 56-3/4″ Taller Metal Table Legs can be cut down with a hack saw and a bit of elbow grease. Take copious and accurate measurements since cutting the leg too short cannot be undone. Cutting the leg to the size required will not reduce the weight capacity of the leg. Each leg can support a weight of 220lbs.

Fixed or rolling options
Hafele 56-3/4″ Taller Metal Table Legs can be ordered with a standard leveler that allows 1″ of height adjustment, a deluxe leveler that allows 4-1/4″ of height adjustment, or rolling casters that will add a fixed 4-1/4″ to the height of the leg; but, will allow tables and desks to be easily moved from one room to the next.

Interchangeable Components
The Hafele 56-3/4″ Taller Metal Table Leg is a hollow steel tube that is supplied with a threaded insert used to installed the mounting plate for the leg. The caster press fits into the hollow bottom of the leg. For unique situations such as floor mounted table legs, a second threaded insert and mounting plate can be installed at the bottom of the leg. This application is useful in boats and train cars.

Finish Options Available
With the Hafele 56-3/4″ Taller Metal Table Legs, you are not getting an unfinished steel tube. The legs are fully finished in a black textured finish, silver aluminum finish, polished chrome finish, or a brushed steel finish. The finishes are complementary for almost any decor.

The next time you find yourself in a pickle and need an odd size table leg, remember the Hafele 56-3/4″ Taller Metal Table Legs. Their versatility, strength, and the ease of cutting the legs—even for a novice—make them a lifesaver in a jam. “Jam” and “pickle” in the span of two sentences about table legs. I must be hungry.

Easy Table Storage with Gibraltar Flip-Top Nesting Table Bases

Gibraltar Flip-Top Nesting Table BasesGibraltar Flip-Top Nesting Table Bases provide compact storage of desks and tables creating open space for facility cleaning or staging special events. My first thought when flip-top nesting tables are mentioned is my old high school cafeteria. Not because they had them; but, because they desperately needed them. In my high school, like so many other high schools around the country, the cafeteria was the center of school life. Student council elections were held in the cafeteria, bake sales for every school organization were held in the cafeteria, and pre-away game pep rallies were held in the cafeteria. The cafeteria was even the site of the senior and junior prom dances. For such a versatile space, tables and chairs would have to be moved and stored on a weekly basis; yet, without flip-top nesting table bases, the tables were awkwardly stacked in the courtyard adjoining the cafeteria. You heard that right. A beautiful outdoor space that could have been used in conjunction with the cafeteria space was used as storage.

The use of Gibraltar Flip-Top Nesting Table Bases doesn’t have to be restricted to the cafeteria. They can be useful in classrooms, conference rooms, church halls, libraries, and any convertible space. Gibraltar Flip-Top Nesting Table Bases can be easily converted into a folding position with the press of a lever. Now I know you’re wondering if two people are required to flip a table with two bases. Two people would be needed if the standard bases are ordered; however, unlike some other flip-top table bases on the market Gibraltar Flip-Top Nesting Table Bases are available with a nifty hand release that will allow a single person to flip and move a Gibraltar Flip-Top Nesting Table Base. Style divas will also appreciate the myriad table base designs and finishes available for Gibraltar Flip-Top Nesting Table Bases. Future-proof the tables in your facility with Gibraltar Flip-Top Nesting Table Bases.

Conset Motorized Height Adjustable Desk

ConSet Height Adjustable Motorized Twin 501-11 Desk and Table. In addition to preventing injury by adjusting the desktop height to your optimal seating position, our motorized desk bases are ideal for hot-desking applications where multiple individuals can occupy the same computer workstation at different times throughout the day.

IDEA Rail Table Leg System

DoubleRailThe IDEA Rail Table Leg System provides configurable table top support for residential or commercial use. With irregular or oversized table tops, the only options available used to be using more straight legs that make the table look awkward or divide your tables into sections that could be moved around on rolling legs. With the IDEA Rail Table Leg System, awkward table supports are a thing of the past. The IDEA Rail Table Leg System uses either a single rail design or double rail design to support table tops. Because the system is modular, you select only the components you need for your particular configuration. Here are the components that you will choose for your custom IDEA Rail Table Leg System:

Connectors: IDEA Rail Table Leg System connectors come in a 90º Y Connector, 45º Y Connector, or a T Connector for attaching the table legs to the rails and for connecting rails to each other in larger configurations.

Rails: IDEA Rail Table Leg System rails come in sizes from 10-7/16” – 76-7/16” to accommodate a vast array of table configurations. Single rail systems are recommended for 24”, 30”, and 36” wide tables. Double rail systems are recommended for 36”, 42”, and 48” wide tables.

Table Legs: IDEA Rail Table Leg System Table Legs are specifically designed for the IDEA Rail Table System and are supplied in three different designs with casters as an option for each type of leg.

Top Attachment Pads: IDEA Rail Table Leg System Top Attachment Pads provide a surface for your table top to be adhered to on the IDEA Rail Table Leg System. The Top Attachment Pads should be installed every 16”.

Top Stabilizer: IDEA Rail Table Leg System Top Stabilizers provide additional stability for table tops and are recommended for installation approximately every 30” on the primary rail(s).

Countersunk Wood Screw: These screws are used to affix the table top to the IDEA Rail Table System through Top Attachment Pads, Connectors, and Table Legs.
Additional accessories such as modesty panels can be attached to IDEA Rail Table Leg System legs to provide privacy for users as well as concealing cables beneath the table top.