Kitchen Countertop Shelf Supports

Kitchen Countertop Shelf SupportsWhether you’re looking for an elevated surface to rest drinks and plates, or if you need additional workspace for preparing meals, kitchen countertop shelf supports make it easy to create the space you’re looking for with minimal installation costs. With a wide variety of shapes and sizes available, it’s simple to find a countertop shelf support or angle bracket to fit in your kitchen, kitchen island, wet bar, butler pantry, or breakfast nook.

Style & Finish Options

Kitchen countertop shelf supports are available in square and round designs, and in both straight and angled configurations depending on whether you want the shelf rising directly above the countertop or leaning out over the edge of the lower countertop surface. Most countertop shelf support brackets are available in either a polished chrome or brushed stainless steel finish, ensuring that the support brackets will either accent existing metal finishes throughout the kitchen or, at the very least, not clash with various wood or painted finishes.

Why do I need additional countertop space?

Your new and/or elevated kitchen countertop surface can be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from the practical and functional to the purely aesthetic. Floating kitchen shelves provide the extra height needed to keep little hands away from drinks and food, or they can be used to create clean food and dirty food countertop zones during meal preparation, helping to thwart possible contamination from raw, uncooked foods. Kitchen countertop shelf supports also shorten the distance between guests and their plates during cocktail hour or dinner parties, and provide added emphasis to select entrees or centerpieces by elevating them above the rest of your display.

Installation Options

Most kitchen countertop shelf support brackets mount from underneath, through the existing countertop surfaces, and are then affixed to the new, elevated countertop shelf via a mounting flange at the top of the countertop support. If the application involves a new glass shelf or countertop, some kitchen surface supports are available with glass adapters that feature smooth, flat discs that accept glue to adhere glass to the support bracket. Also falling into this category of kitchen countertop hardware are vertical “side-mounted” shelf brackets that mount onto an existing cabinet or panel, resulting in a new countertop surface that is level with the old countertop.

Now that you’re one step closer to your dream kitchen, consider tackling other simple hardware projects to personalize and increase efficiency throughout your kitchen workspace. You could add wall mounted baskets or hooks in your pantry or mud room area, install low-profile sliding utility drawers under countertops for quick storage, or add task or mood lighting inside of closets or under cabinets with kitchen LED puck or strip cabinet lighting. Good luck!!